Winter's Snow Fall

Although the trees didn't sport their wintery white, it was a nice surprise to wake up to the white blanket around my home.  I wish it had continued but I hear there is more on the way so I probably will get my wish afterall.

I love how the path looks from my neighbors farm to mine.  
Our barn from my neighbors side view.
I have come to love the Winter.  I had been longing for some snow and today I had it.  There is something about being home when it snows, making coffee or tea, I made scones today and it was the perfect touch.  For some reason I write more when it snows.  My mind is constantly creating as the world seems to be frozen for just a few moments, I can loose myself on paper.  It is a nesting, resting and settling down time, to think and listen and do absolutely nothing but enjoy the frozen moments.


Windlost said...

it is so beautiful where you live! some days i am just so grateful for where i live when it is beautiful outside. we have so much to be thankful for - to look on this beauty! xo terri

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