February is here . . . Or is it Spring

So while half the country is covered in snow, here in my little homestead it is 63 degrees and sunny.  Incredible!  I walked the dogs out this morning without a coat.  I don't know how long it will last but I'm loving it.
Since it is February I have to post that the Mother Son Dance at my sons prep school is right around the corner.  March 10 to be exact.  So I have been shopping for dresses.  Every year I think of what I want my dress to be like and then I look.  Some people go shopping first and see what catches their eye.  That sounds like the sensible way doesn't it?  Well it doesn't work for me.  When I get something in my head, it's in there until I find it.  So although I must have 8 black cocktail dresses in my closet (no exaggeration) I suddenly had an urge for a black lace dress with a coffee colored or tan like slip.  I found one that I loved that Rachel McAdams wore to the premiere of The Vow, the movie I posted about.  So weird that she had this on.  I loved it.  Contacted the designer and of course, its not out yet, will be out in a few weeks and is way too expensive.  But now that dress is in my head.  So I have been searching for the closest feel to it and I found a dress that I really like.  I ordered it and I'm anxiously waiting for it to arrive.  Let me know what you think?
The first one is the one I wish I could have (Rachel is wearing it.)  The second one is the one I bought.
So I'm thinking of going to Joannes and buying a thick black satin ribbon to use as a sash for the middle. I also will wear it with black velvet heels and skin colored stockings, not black.
It arrives tomorrow.  Hopefully I will like the fit or I'll have to send it back and then it will be time to start all over again.  


Alexie said...

I could see why you love Rachel's. It's gorgeous. Your choice is a perfect alternative and I'm sure you'll look fab!!

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