A Switch Here And A Swap There!

I have always been impulsive when it comes to decorating.  My home is like how I am with my clothing.  I dress according to my mood.  Some days I would never even think of wearing red!  I notice that as the season changes so does my mood for my rooms change.  My bedroom has been in a constant changing motion ever since I can remember.  These days, I am all about simplifying.  Lighter colors, less clutter, less stuff.  I've taken so many things down from my walls, and repainted and painted.  I like that I'm never really finished because honestly, I think if I were, I would have nothing else to be motivated about.  I love looking at a room and after studying it say "Hmmmmmm".  My husband is scared of the hmmmm, but I get excited.  I am done buying things for the home like pieces of furniture etc, because I don't have room for anything else, so what I do enjoy now is switching things.  I have peeled my room away to very little, and my foyer and I thought I'd post a few pics.
So I brought up my favorite antique table that I had in my foyer and used it for my husband's side as an end table.  I love it here and so does he.

Excuse Rudy, he always wants to be in every picture.  Anyway, we changed our floor rug to a neutral more natural tone.
I placed my antique croched bed spread and my room looks peaceful now and light and simple.  I love it.  I must say, I'm not too happy about my print on the wall.  It's too dark.  I also want to paint the frame and make it a mix,bring in a bit of pewter into it.  Also my other end table is lower and my lamp is a bit too low.  I got the one on the right from Kmart.  But they didn't have two.  Will have to find one.  
This is my foyer now, simple, no tables, and I also changed my foyer rugs to match my livingroom rug.  I love it now.  It's less busier than before.  


Julie said...

Love the changes you made. I have two ideas you might try. You could raise the lamp on your bedside by putting some books under it. Also, did you try turning your rug perpendicular to the bed? You don't need the rug all the way to the wall under your bed and by turning it you could get more rug to step on when you get up in the mornings. Since I can't see the whole room, these ideas might not work for you but thought I'd mention them anyway.

Glad to see you blogging again. I missed you.

Anonymous said...

I adore this blog and everything about it. I have been reading it for awhile but have yet to say hello. well...Hello!

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