Thinking of Roses

These are my Beloved Roses.  This is Constance Spry.  I have so many posts about my dear friend.
As I freeze outside today, 41 degrees I feel a desperate longing to see my garden filled with her and all my other roses.  
I have lost count, I used to have around 23 bushes, now I'm not so sure.  But by far this is the most beautiful.  This is the view just from my porch.
So I decided to post about Roses on such a cold wintery day so that I may focus on what is to come.  And we are only talking about a few weeks before Spring.  Unfortunately I will need to wait until May to see Constance.  But every Spring Day until then will make me happy.
Funny how the weather effects us and changes our moods.  I am bursting from the inside to be outdoors among the rich soil and dig my hands in the earth and plant.  I marvel at my perennial garden every year and I can't wait to see how each year I find new surprises are in store.
So here is a few pictures of such an extraordinary gift to help maybe brighten your day with thoughts of warmer days ahead.


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