Magnolia Mania

I live in a little quaint town called Newtown founded by William Penn.  Our area is all historical.  George Washington stayed and ate in many of the places that still stand in our area.  There are small plaques everywhere showing the dates and times where he and his soldiers were guests.  My home is only 2 miles away from the Delaware River.  Washington Crossing is officially where our home is nearest too and if you go down the road a bit you get to the actual spot where George Washington took the infamous photo of he and his men as they crossed the river. Our town gets it's charm from the countless little inns farmland and vintage shops.  We have one of the first movie theaters in the united States that still plays movies weekly and we also have a sweet hardware store that has been around forever.  It is a charming town so different from where I grew up.  M.Night Shamalan filmed the movie Signs in our town.  Many of the establishments where he filmed still have the movie posters from when Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix roamed our streets.
There are lovely trees all in bloom every where.  I know it's way too early but it still is breathtaking to see.  My iphone camera doesn't do it much justice.  I don't carry my real camera around so I had to take them with that.

I love how the branches cascade over the road dangling their small white bouquets.

This is the largest Magnolia Tree.  

It is my absolute favorite.  I am in awe of the scale of it's branches and the weight of the hundreds of flowers that grow on each.  

Beneath it, the flowers have created a blanket of Magnolia leaves.   You can smell it's sweet scent as you approach the tree and the color is absolutely mesmerizing. 

My little sweet Magnolia tree that has the same flowers as this one is so tiny.  I wonder if years from now I will be able to lay underneath mine and see such splendor.  
Here is my tiny little Magnolia.  Maybe one day when I'm old and grey and my time comes, I hope I can lay under this tree and be engulfed in it's full glory of cascading magnolias and I can rest knowing that I was a witness of something so beautiful, the miracle of nature.  


Windlost said...

stunning photos. magnolias are my favorite tree. thanks for sharing!!! we do not have them here.

it looks like a lovely and interesting place where you live. xo terri

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