Mother Son Dance , March 10

Today was my husband's birthday.  I felt terrible that the dance was on the same day.  We were not able to really do anything because I was busy with the mother son dance.  But I did manage to make him a birthday cake.
After much planning, working on a decorating committee and figuring out what to wear, the night came and went and I survived.  Although my feet are so swollen from dancing.

I found these stockings at Macy's.  The clerk at the hosiery department raved about them.  She convinced me that they would be a beautiful compliment to my comfortable and stylish open toe shoes that I bought.
I have always had problems with my feet.  Heels have never been my friend.  These looked harmless enough right?
I was so excited I even told my friend Dawn so that she could get them too for her brown open toe shoes.
Everything was going to be perfect!
Study the photo on the front of the hose.  Do you see how it stirrups around the big toe?  Now that little tie strangles the s#*t out of your toes giving you the feeling that you toes will automatically combust into flames while your walking.  It was awful!  The minute we got out of mass Dawn said to me, "Is your foot numb?"  Her left foot was and my right foot was.  What a pair we were?  We laughed holding on to one another going down the incline from the chapel to the fieldhouse where the dance was.
We were in trouble.  Here are some photo of the lovely evening.  I don't have alot due to the fact that I was dancing with my son all night long, pain and all.  I had hair issues and dress issues all night but I had a ball cause I was with my son.
Here I am with Dawn. ( My other sister) We are smiling and saying "Oh the pain!" under our breath.
Too funny.
Here I am with the most handsome man at the dance.  My son Matt.
Here is Dawn and her handsome son Jared.
Lovely ladies, Tracy and Begonia.
Here I am with Begonia.  We had a ball together.  She's a brilliant dancer and her and her son know how to have a great time.
See what I mean?  They are Amazing!

This was at the end of the night.  We are sweaty and tired and I am extremely frizzy.  Don't know where my make up went.  But I didn't care.  Was dancing with my guy.


Windlost said...

How beautiful. You looked stunning despite the pain - that dress is beautiful!!!!! :)

xo Terri

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