The Sea Will Tell. . .

This photo of this schooner, my favorite sea vessel, is incredible to me.  I had to post it.  I am obsessed and have always been with the sea.  Rob and I often say that when he's retired we will learn how to sail. I don't think I'll ever own a boat like this, we probably would never be able to afford one and it is a high maintenance object to have, but I can see us renting one for the afternoon and sailing away to stop at some small port and have lunch or dinner.
The books I've written (2 not published yet) have countless references to the sea and the beach.
It is also a spiritual connection.  The ocean has always made me feel closer to God.  I love the comparison of the ocean and us, the vastness and the magnitude of deepth compaired to the size of a small vessel floating along trusting the sea will keep it afloat.  One of my mantras has always been "Dear Lord the sea is so wide and my boat is so small."  That's how I have always felt.
That's how I feel going through life.  As if we have no control we can only trust in our small vessel to take us safely through, navigate with the help of the stars and prepare ourselves for what might lie ahead.
Sailing into the unknown is our daily charted path, we can plan and chart out our destination but only the sea will tell where we will actually end up.


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