Ode To Magnolia! Ode To Spring Flowers!

Magnolia, Magnolia, I love you Magnolia.  
Magnolias are blooming every where.  Finally it feels like Spring is here.  Okay, so officially after this weekend but still.  Today was 69 degrees and sunny.  We decided to take out our adirondack chairs so we could sit out this week.  The temperatures are supposedly going to be in the 70's most of the week.  Yippie!  Our deck is going to be stained next month so we decided to wait before we bring out all the deck furniture.  Just had the house power washed and it glows.  Finally.  After all the construction it was looking pretty filthy.  
You can see one of the magnolia trees behind the fireplace in the stone addition.  
Here is the first flower from my pink Magnolia tree in the back yard about to open.  
I love these flowers more than the simple white magnolias.  
Rudy and Wally's first taste of Spring on the deck.  
First little Hyacinth peeking up to say hello.  The color is so vibrant.  I love it.  
Daffodils were in bloom too. Strange how yellow is the first sign of spring.  Forsythias and Daffodils.
Can you see the new growth on my Iceberg Rose?  The photo doesn't do it justice but it is filled with tiny leaves.  I'm so excited.  My dear friend KC and I love this rose and both bought the same ones together in hopes that one day it would fill the trellis and arbor with countless pale white blooms.  
I am excited to see so much growth and life awakening all around me.  


Windlost said...

Beautiful! How I would love to live somewhere warmer! Spring does not erupt here until mid-May, although it is just above freezing now and the snow is gone. I adore magnolias. They do not grow here. My neighbours in my last city had a lovely magnolia tree that would be in its glory in mid-April. I just loved it.

xo Terri

Susan@besusan.com said...

I'm right there with you. I love Spring. I posted my own Spring notes on my blog tonight!

I've been strangely blocked out from commenting on yours for the past week or so....so here's one more try!

Love you and Spring!

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