The Wind

I've never really been a fan of the wind.  I'm not talking about the warm breezes on the beach or by the ocean but the heavy winds associated with storms.  Ever since I was a little girl the sound of the wind knocking on my window scared me.  I hated storms and any natural change with the weather.  Thunder and Lightning storms always found me under my bed or under the covers.  
Something about the wind when it howls that intimidate and frighten me.  It's a force we can not control and it can lift a home right out of the ground or a tree from it's roots.  
Yesterday was a windy blustery day.  All I wanted to do was to be inside locked away but instead my dogs decided on giving me a hard time to go out.  I know they were scared too.  
I stood outside holding each leash grabbing on to them for dear life at 9pm.  I held my coat closed over my chest and tried not to listen to the howling but it was undeniably frightening.  As I looked up I could see the clouds racing over the full moon and it looked so unsettling.  
I felt like a child afraid of the unknown.  
Finally they went one after the other and I was able to run inside, shut my door and feel safe and sound.  
Funny the things that scare us and make us insecure.  


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