Dear Mother Goose

So last April, our little town was bursting with baby geese every where we looked.  I never took photos and I promised myself that this year I would.   I started taking some photos last week and that's when I found this beautiful mother Goose who had made her nest in the center of our town.  There is a small restaurant area where there are a few trees near the parking lot.  Strange that she would pick that area when our town is centered around tons of farms and much open and preserved farmland.  This mommy decided to lay her eggs in a small patch of grass that can't be more than four feet wide.  I took some photos.

Then all day yesterday it poured the entire day.  I was  so worried about this sweet mom.  Wondering if anyone covered her.  ( I know I'm crazy)  I wanted to go and put an umbrella over her.  But then you have to worry that she will get frightened and leave the nest or try to attack me.  She's so sweet.  So it poured way into the night and morning.  First thing I did this morning was to visit her.  She was there sitting on her eggs.  The ground, extremely saturated around her.
I said a little prayer for her and thought of how we have so much to learn from them.  She's not worried or frantic, but still in her place providing a shelter for her eggs.  Resting in the knowledge that the creator will take care of her.
I will take pics of her chicks when she has them and post them soon.
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