Just Waiting. . .

So these are my two novels.  The one on the left is complete the one on the right, I am still working with my editor.  But I can proudly say that the editing is about 80 percent complete.  
My editor Victoria Mixon is an incredible mentor and person.  I don't know where I'd be as a writer without meeting her two years ago.  
I blurred out the info that is why you see a smudge underneath my titles.  Was going to post it like that and then realized that I have no control of who might view my blog.  
Anywho, I often daydream of the after.  After I get signed with an agent, after she/he matches me with a publisher, after I am published. . . etc. . . .
I look at my friend here, Nicky Sparks.  Okay so he's not really my friend but I've met him a few times on different book signings.  
Incase you didn't know who he was, he's written many wonderful books, The Notebook being my favorite of all.  (I think we make a good couple don't you think? Although my hair is a bit crazy)
I have gone to countless book signings for his books and I have stood there in the line wondering what it must be like to be in his shoes. Here I am with my dear friend Lori who tells me everytime we talk that she promises to be the person who clears people away from me when I do my book signings.  My own personal protector.  Hee Hee.   Below are some of the books that were made into movies.

I listed these because they were four of my favorites.  I have read all of his books and I wish they had made The Guardian and A bend in the Road and The Wedding (which is a continuation of the notebook) into movies as well.  
Every time I send another query out to an agent I wonder will this be the day, will this be the agent.  Honestly, although I marvel at Nicholas Spark's success, I don't care if I ever reach that level of  fame, I would just want to see my book in every bookstore in America.  
I have this fantasy that I will email everyone I know and ask them to take photos of themselves with my book at a different Barnes & Noble in every state until I have the entire USA mapped out and I'm going to make a scrapbook of them.  Okay, so I wouldn't mind some fame if it happend to come along with it but if not, I'll be happy too. (Not that I haven't practiced speaking to Robin Roberts on GMA before about my book, but that's another fantasy.)  This would be My legacy.  
I am waiting until I find the right agent to represent me.  I don't want to self publish. And if I can help it will not unless I am desperate and there are no agents left for me to hope for.  
I want to be published becuase it will establish me as a "professional writer".  Anyone can pay for something.  But doing that, I might never receive my own validation, to be told by someone in the literary profession that I have earned the right to confess to the world that yes I am a writer.  I am a published author.  
If and when I find an agent soon I will be quick to post about it.  Will let you all know my 28 followers.  Thank you for following me by the way.  I feel supported already just knowing your following my blog. Only I wish I had some more comments.  Come on people!


Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Hi Lee, how very exciting for you. I wish I had pursued some of that during my younger years, when life was easier and not quite so complicated. Writing in a journal is not quite the same ya know? Keeping fingers crossed, toes polished and walking shoes in great shape so I can in line forever for you autographed copy... hugs ~lynne~

Windlost said...

good luck! would love to read some of your prose.

xo terri

Victoria Mixon said...

Hey, you. You know what fun you are to work with and how beautifully THE EIGHTH SUMMER is coming together.

I'll look for you on Twitter. I made some ridiculous comment today and thought, 'If Lisa were only on Twitter she would say something funny back.'

I'm running straight to Twitter right now---

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