Notes & Timing & Pedal, Oh My!

I have been taking piano for almost two years now.  I'm 46 years old and both my sons have been playing since they were twelve and thirteen.  They both play beautifully.  We bought a beautiful piano years ago that for me has been the greatest investment and addition to our home.  Hence, our house has always been filled with music.  For years I have annoyed my sons as they practiced or played by dancing around as they played selections on the piano. 
My oldest will be 22 soon and my youngest is 16.  One day I was thinking about our home and how it would feel when my sons were gone, college, marriage, etc.  I sat on the piano bench and began to touch the keys thinking about how it would feel when I no longer could hear the sounds of the keys resonating thorughout my home.  That's when I decided that I needed to learn how to play.  
So I have been taking piano and little by little, lo and behold, I have learned to read music and play the piano.  I can play selections from intermediate level sheet music.  It is so rewarding to sit in front of such an incredible and mesmerizing instrument, look at a sheet of music that only two years ago was completely foreign to me and finally be able to understand what it says.  I hear a song that I like and immediately look for music on the internet and download and print out an intermediate version of it and laugh as I hear the song come to life from my fingers.  
Now I'm not going to say that it has been easy for me.  Honestly what they say is true.  It takes longer for an adult to learn compared to starting at a young age.  But It has been a rewarding journey and I am proud of myself for not giving up.  


Anonymous said...

And I am proud of you too!!!!!!! I have been playing for 57+ years and I still practice most days. After God, music is the absolute core of my existence (and sometimes the bane :^). I do things other than piano, but it is still my favorite.
Good for you! Keep on keeping on!!

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