Wild About Lilacs!

Do I need to say more?  My favorite flowers, the smell, the color the look, they are absolutely divine.  As you can see I even added them to my blog header.  I do have to say that a few of the photos are not mine, they belong to 52 Flea, one of the blogs I follow.  I do give credit when credit is due.  So thank you for those.
I spent yesterday in my garden stopping and smellling, admiring and photographing my lilacs.
Here are some of the photos I took.


Windlost said...

so lovely - they are my favorite flowers by far. my grandmother's property was rife with them and my parents always had them as well. we were so pleased when we bought this house to find a huge hedge in front full of lilacs. we also have a miniature. my favorites are the really dark ones with the white edges.


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