At Home at the Beach

We spent the holiday weekend at our home at the shore.  I always feel as if when I'm there time goes by so fast.  Too fast.
When we first bought this house a few years ago I didn't want a garden.  I have a mega garden at home that takes up much of my time even though I have a garden group that comes a few times a year to clean up and do maintainance.  The house had a large garden with many different flowers that were high maintenenance for someone who is not there full time.  So Rob and I took out quite a few of the plants and our goal was to have only hydrangeas.  Two years ago our watering system broke without our knowledge.  Our grass was burnt as a result of it and all our hydrangeas died.  For the past two years I have been trying to replace all the ones that died.  The original owner had massive glorious ones.  If you read my blog regularly you know that I am a hydrangea addict.  
Anyway, last year we had a few bushes removed and the people who did it offered to replant a few plants.  I was clear, hydrangeas, but apparently I wasn't clear enough.  Now I love roses more than life itself but didn't want any at the shore.  I have about 40 rose bushes at home I didn't need anymore especially not knock out ones, which are not my favorite.  My rose of choice are Tea Roses, and almost all of David Austins, old English roses.  Knock out are a no brainer rose for a no brainer gardener.  They have no smell, make a big scene and a big mess and become spiny hedges.  No thank you.  Then the ornamental grass in the middle is not my taste.  Maybe as a corner accent but not smack in the middle of my front.  So we are having all that removed and replaced with . . . Hydrangeas.  
We must have spent 2 hours outside cutting things down and using the hedger on our roses of sharon hedge which is gigantic and every time we go we have to trim it down because the neighbors can't park their car if it's in the way.  Aye.
There are a few things we have to fix that involve a carpenter and time at the house.  But all in all everything was in good shape.  
I spent time walking on the beach, looking for seaglass, taking photos, bought new sandals, eating out (fried shrimp my fav) and trying to relax although lately that is harder than it used to be.
I only found one piece but it was something.

Tim surprised us on the weekend and Rob and he joined me in our search for sea glass on sunset beach.

Unfortunately this little guy didn't make it.

There were so many baby seagulls all around.
A few favorite things at our beach house.  
My collection of shells and seaglass that I have found over the years.  
My front little porch that is so comfortable to sit, relax and blow bubbles for Wally.
My bedroom window seat, even Wally loves it as much as I do.
My Comfy bedroom, very shabby shic.
That wicker chaise I bought from an antique store for 120.00.  I still can't get over what a deal that was.
My home made toile benches.  I covered them and love them so much. 
I always wanted an all white couch and furniture.  These wonderful slipcovers from Ikea are washable.  Love the look.
I love my armoire from Ethan Allen.  I store my summer throws inside.

Love this watercolor.  I found it at a boardwalk sale.  My friend Dawn has it in her bathroom and I had fallen in love with it.  On one of my trips I found it during the yearly craft and art boardwalk sale.  It fit perfectly in the master bath.
My kitchen is simple and easy and I love it.  The island is also from Ikea.  I think it added to the kitchen and made it appear larger than it is.  
Love this little tan gingham chair.

Love this wicker rocker.

Love my Ethan Allen hutch in a distressed white look.
Love my little sofa bed from Ikea in a flowered pattern outside of the master bedroom.  It is very sweet and comfortable and useful.  Many friends have slept on it.
These are just some of my favorite things that help make our beach house a comfy home.  Hope you liked the short tour.


Gregoria Loth said...

Well, I do think the front garden looks fine, even if it doesn't have the massive hydrangeas you want. The all-white interior certainly suits the idea of what a beach house should be, which is relaxing and also refreshing for being a home away from home. And that basket of seashells is definitely something to be envious about.

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