Breathe. . .

It is memorial day weekend.  Aside from the period from Thanksgiving through Christmas this is the time I most look forward to.  The Summer.  I am addicted to the beach and everything pertaining to it.  I could be hours sitting mesmerized by her strength and beauty.  I have always felt drawn to the ocean.  I should have been a marine biologist (which is what my youngest wants to study)  I love marine life (and all animals) and I love the ocean.  But instead I am a writer.  In my stories the ocean always makes an appearance.  Why, because I am drawn to it.  I feel most alive when I'm away by the beach feeling the ocean breeze, burying my feet in her sand and feeling the suns rays upon my skin.  (With nothing less than 70 spf)
This is my time now, to retreat, to dream and do as little as possible.
It pains me not to be at my summer home as much as I'd like.  Someday, when I have no obligations at home I will close up my home memorial weekend and head to the beach and not return until the first days of September.
The sounds, smells, feel are all intoxicating to me making me feel free and calm and at peace.  Nothing allows me to feel that much peace within myself as when I am by the waters ebb leaving my trail along the wet sand.  It is there where I can imagine the future and contemplate on my life, my most proudest moments and my weakest.
I pray all of you have a wonderful summer.  Although I will not forget to blog, I tend to be more distracted during the warm months where all I want to do is lay out and not open my computer.
(Although my editor will not allow me to do that on our work day.)
So here I am wishing you sunny days, fragrant breezes and peaceful moments outdoors with the ones you love.
And always, find time for yourself to just be quiet and breathe.


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