Greetings! From My Garden

 Let me remind you that it is only May 6th, I live in Pennsylvania and for this time of year everything is at least 3 weeks early.  People are quick to rule out the "global warming theory" but ask any gardener and they will tell you how nature is off it's schedule.
 I love this creeping lime floor covering.  It is all over my garden.  I love how it contrasts with the darker greens and the white.

 This is one of my many roses, New Dawn, she is on my trellis by my patio towards the back of my home.
 This is Iceberg.  My friend KC and I have had so much trouble trying to grow her.  Hopefully this year she will do well.
 My lovely bearded iris that smells like a mixture of lemony pineapple.  It almost looks like a bride on her wedding day.  The shade of white is breathtaking.
 Here is my lovely Greecian lady.  She is always so patient, never complains about her neck or carrying that heavy urn filled with water.  She has a beautfiful backdrop of pink clematis and soon peonies.
 More Irises and peonies in front.  I love the contrast of white in a garden.
 Oh Miss Wisteria, she is almost ready to burst.  And boy can she burst!

 My lovely peonies have been spread all over my garden rather than in just one place the way I had them all before the new addition.  Now a year after replanting them they are getty ready to open up with the help of the gardening ants.

 Hey where did she come from!
 What should be in Late May, Early June, Lilac blooms, they are now, on May 6 beginning to loose it's blooms.  So unfair.  I truly hate to say goodbye to them, my most fragrant and favorite friend.
 This is one of our bird hotels.  We joke and call it the Waldorf Astoria of the bird houses on our land.  It is a 5*star one too.

 A view of the Barn from behind the row of Lilac trees.
And can you see my little visitor below?  Please excuse the shady photo it was taken through a screen.  One of the bunnies on our land has had babies and here is one of the babies looking in.  She/he was so beautiful and perfectly still for me to sneak and take this shot.  He/She was no bigger than my fist.  I wanted to kiss the baby so bad.


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