Perfect Weekend Weather and Garden Conditions With Many Party Problems!

So my son graduated from college and we had his Graduation BBQ on Saturday.  The most perfect day.  I had some family staying with me from Puerto Rico.  The weather was in the 80's and Sunny, no rain in sight.  My garden was as close to perfect as it could be.  I had 65 people on the list to attend.

Wisteria was in bloom.

My peonies were in bloom and fragrant.

My Roses where putting on a show!

Even the centerpieces that I made for the tables where in perfect bloom.
So what could possibly go wrong?
I had prepared food for 65 people on the day before.  My cousin, mom and aunt and I worked hard preparing everything.  There was no room to put anymore food.  25 people cancelled at the last minute.
My aunt was admitted to the hospital with a painful headache and extreme dehydration.  Our well decided to shut down.  WE HAD NO WATER!  I repeat.  WE HAD NO WATER!
For you city folk that is translated to mean : No water to wash dishes, no water to wash hands, no water to flush toilets and no water to shower.  So let's see fourty something people on a hot day drinking constantly and no flushing power.
Yikes!  All I can say is I was stressed.  But at the end of the day, I was happy.  Happy that I was able to put together an afternoon to celebrate my son and his achievement.  Graduating from College!  I was so proud.  And because of that, it really didn't matter that I have 4 extra large boxes of burgers still in my fridge, or about 25 chicken cutlets marinated in my refrigerator, another few pounds of steaks seasoned and on a platter next to the cutlets.  Half a graduation cake with more whip cream than I ever imagined eating waiting for someone to eat it.  It didn't matter that I had to scrub all the toilets around midnight to disinfect from sitting throughout a hot day without flushing power, or that many of our family and friends had been unable to come at the last minute.  None of it mattered.  My son had spent a day being honored and that was enough for me.
In the end no one will remember years later about the bathrooms, or about the details in the flowers or the food prepared, all that matters will be how we showed the people in our lives how much we loved and appreciated them.  
I tend to get so caught up in details, worrying about everything, stupid things, silly things, things that don't matter.  At the end of the evening we remember the laughter, the stories, the converstaions, the good times we shared.  After all, what is life but a series of moments.  Moments that we keep, mental photos in our mind or records we keep in our hearts, or on a blog.  It's about what we take from them that makes life precious.


Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Hi darling, oh my goodness! What a day. I pray your mother is doing better. You're right no on will remember those "little" things that occurred, you however will have the joy and memories forever. Congratulations to your son.
hugs ~lynne~
(sure hope your well is working now)

Lee said...
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swilliams said...

Can't believe your water! That would have been such a panic! My son also graduated from college last week. His brother and his fiancée came in from New York City for his graduation-from TCU in Texas. My sister-in-law had his party so his 94 year old grandmother could be there. Transporting all the food and drinks over there was quite a job but the worst part was bring home tons and tons of food that was left over! We had enough for at LEAST two parties, maybe three! My husband is always afraid of not having enough food!!!

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