Rose Chaos!

 So we came back from the shore and my roses had gone wild!  (Excuse the photos from my iphone, appear blurry)
I spent two hours today using string to lift up and trellis to support.  They were all on the floor.  Too long and leggy but unfortunately I can't trim because I have too many buds about to open.

I had planted two climbers about two years ago behind my porch swing.  I also installed these trellis against my porch for support in hopes that the roses would reach up and create the perfect back drop.  No luck.   None until now.  My girls were peeking in today.  
(Above is blurry, from my phone but couldn't wait to post it)
When I sat on my porch swing today all I could smell was the incredible fragrance of these two roses.  

Now in the past I have talked about my fav rose, Constant Spry - a David Austin rose that is not a repeater so it only blooms for three weeks in May.  It has the loveliest form, color and smell.  I simply adore it and when it is in full bloom and in all it's glory, look out.
Here is Constance a few years back

She was absolutely magnificent.  I had friends who would come to see her bloom.  Literally took your breath away.  
A few years ago we had a terrible storm which pulled the trellis right off the porch and broke constance in half.  The past three years I have been trying to get her back to where she was.  
The past three years have been difficult.  She went from hundreds of blooms (can't remember exactly the count but it was over 300) to 10 and this year 12.  I am so sad.  Here she is today.
The blooms are already gone, all 12 of them due to 90 degree days in May and heavy rains this month.
Maybe next year.  Going to email the David Austin people to find out what I need to do to help her bloom again.


swilliams said...

Love your roses!

swilliams said...

Love your roses!

designchic said...

Your roses are gorgeous - love the climbing ones on the trellis!!

Rick said...

Such chaos is bliss! What a beautiful rose garden. I too have a one time bloomer, not sure of the name, but it seems a waste to only get to enjoy it once a year. Thanks for sharing!

Charlotte Des Fleurs said...

Hi Lisa, I, too, am a major rose lover. My rose book (by Smith and Hawken) says that Constance Spry is a once a year bloomer and can be a "shy" bloomer in warmer climates. Perhaps the heat wave discouraged bloom this year. Just a thought, but I noticed that you have trained her up back up the trellis while in the "before" photos she is tall but flopping out to the sides. Perhaps, you could take some canes and train them more horizontally. I have a white rose near my gate that only put out a few blooms each year. This spring I "self pegged the new flexible canes and was rewarded with hundred of blooms. This might work for you next year.

Best wishes, Charlotte

Ann said...

Hi, Love your blog...your eye is so great! Found you through CDT...

Do you have email subscriptions through FeedBurner or something? Couldn't find anything...


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