Short & Sweet

I know 2 posts in one day, what can I say?  I went to check on my house in Cape May, and couldn't stay away from one of my fav little stop and shop spots where I can always find something sweet to look at and get ideas from and maybe purchase.  This time I just went to look.  But every time I go to the store I just love it even more.  The store is called West End Garage and it is truly a joy to visit.

I wanted this lamp so bad, but I had good control.  I loved what it said on the black board, words to live by.  "Some people find beautiful places to live, others make the place they live Beautiful."
I'm totally stealing that for this blog!

Love painted furniture.  Susan and Alexie will love this.  Reminds me alot of what my friend Susan has in the store.  Black Eyed Susan that is.

I have this same mirror and when I saw it painted I thought, hmmmmm!


Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Hi darling, great shop!!! I want to use that on my blog too, do you mind if I use the saying? I want the buffet sitting underneath as well.. The chandy is "awesome"..
hugs ~lynne~

andy said...

Oh we love antique shops as well. We are new readers your blog and home look great! Hope you have a great start of the week!

Lee said...

Thank you Andy.

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