Deck The Walls!

My poor husband!  If I had a dime for every time I've said to him, "Rob, can you hang this for me?"  or "Rob do you think this wall could use a little something?"  I would have a room just filled with dimes.  Hee Hee.  I am constantly looking for art work, and when I don't find it I print it out and frame it myself.
I've blogged about that before.  Briefly for my new followers, I look up art work that I like, google it, try to find it without the water mark and print it on good quality photo paper and then I find a great matte and frame and presto!  I have incredible art work.
I had Rob hang some of my latest purchases and he said "Lisa, we have no walls left for any more art!"
I just nodded and walked away.
Here is one of the ones I printed out and made myself.  I love it and have it hung in my foyer.
I can never get the light right with my new camera.  (Maybe I should read the book)  Anywho, on the two sides of the walls are two new prints I purchased.  The one of the right looks like my little Wally.
Here is a larger view of the room.  I used Mary Carol Garrity's paint called "TWILIGHT!"  (Joni, did you think I would pass on a paint named Twilight?"
Love it.  It's so dark and navy and matches my couches exactly.  
I love the corner where the round end table is.  I have some of my favorite things on the table so I can look at them and enjoy them every day.  Mary Carol constantly says in all her books that we should have our favorite things out to see and use and display rather than placed in some hutch or behind a glass case.  She's right.  Life is so short.  I want to enjoy my things.  Lay on my couches and use my pretty plates as much as I can. 
Today I painted my trim in white.  I loved how it came out.  Again, the colors didn't come out right.  I used the night time switch but I think with the lighting already in the room it appears to have a yellowish hue.  Above my molding I have 5 of Nell Hiill's prints (from Mary Carol's store)  Believe me, if I could fill every space with a tiny frame I would.  
I even put framed art in my bathroom.
The company that I purchased the small framed art has a lovely website and I copied these photos from it to post.  I love the placement of the art in the room.  Absolutely lovely.  
See for yourself.  
The photos below are not my house (I wish)  They are from the website of Hal Kramer.  My friend Susan Taylor told me about it and I aboslutely loved looking through it.  I ordered my art work from them.  It was very reasonable and lovely and was shipped in 5 days.  Hope you enjoy it.  Here is the website if your interested:  www.halkramer.com
 Notice they give you 2 different placement ideas for the art work above the chair.  Magnificent!


Windlost said...

Your house is beautiful - love your Twilight room. :)
You have beautiful taste. I wish you had shown a close up of the two works on either side of the Twilight room - a dog on the right and what on the left??

Love this website. I do the same with prints online but don't like to admit it since it is a bit like stealing. I don't mind taking an old work, like a Picasso for free, but if it is something on Etsy, I will pay the artist the $20 for a print...!! It is their livelihood after all. But like you, I have walls full of lovely art, from postcards to expensive landscape paintings. I love them all...

xo Terri

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