I Dreamed of . . .

When I was younger I dreamed of the deep south and the homes that I read about in novels about the south or southern way.  I was always drawn to homes with the deep porches where the characters "sat for a spell" and enjoyed their mint julip tea or lemonade while taking a moment to relax from the day.
I used to hope someday I would have a home that I could enjoy the small touches I loved and read about for years.
 I always dreamed of having a flag hanging on my porch from Memorial day throughout the Summer.  It has always signaled a welcome to the Summer season.
Although I will never own a house this grand, I try to capture the things that I love about the homes that I have admired over the years into my home.
It's really about imagination and creativity really.  Scale is really not that important.  I have been in enormous homes that lack character where as I have entered charming small and humble homes that have simply taken my breath away with simple placement of things and furniture, a certain piece of art work on the proper wall all make a gigantic impression.
If your wondering the home below is from one of my favorite books/movie.  The Notebook.

I am drawn to homes with porches.  The more the better.  I have been blessed with one that is just right for me.  
But here are a few photos of homes that I just had to show you.  
This house is in Cape May.  Whenever we are at out beach house I have to visit it a few times.  I stare at it's four glorious porches imagining that I am sitting in them looking out at the sea.
Is this not incredible?
But realistically speaking, that house would involve so much work that I think eventually one would spend so much time maintaining that it must be exhausting.
I love the porch on this home and the farm feel.  Isn't it breathtaking?  I saw this in one of the blogs that I follow and had to post about it but forgot which blog.
Another thing I dreamed about having was white adirondack chairs placed in pairs somewhere on the grass.  I had always seen them in magazines and hoped that I could place them someday in my home.

And the last thing was that I wanted to have plenty of places for wild birds to make their homes and nests.

We have three bird houses and each one is always inhabited by families.  I think our birds are totally spoiled.


BB said...

I like porches too!

Rick said...

The birds are spoiled indeed. Beautiful!

classic • casual • home said...

such lucky birds! here from Joni's post.

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