Welcome Summer!

Today is the first day of Summer and I am thrilled.  Imagine running to the one you have been waiting for,
leaping into their arms in an open field and completely surrendering yourself to them?  That is me today with Summer.  I am in love, enthralled and completely and utterly besotted by Summer.  It can do whatever it wishes with me.  I surrender.  And I also welcome the heat and all that comes with it.  I don't care if my hair frizzes, I'll just wear a hat.  I love when my skin changes in color (of course under the supervision of nothing less than 45 spf and I even use up to 100, which they claim doesn't do more than 35 anyway)

A few essentials I need to make my summer spectacular. (Aside from a good baseball cap, a scrungy for my hair, sunglasses and sunscreen)

A good pair of flip flops, preferebly rubber ones from old navy my fav.
The sun beaming down my face.
The sand under my feet.
A great cup of coffee to start me off.
A good book by my side or a clean pad and pen to write down a few ideas for my books.
No worries. (Okay, now that one is a life long process and I struggle with that every single day.)
No schedule aside from rinsing off my bathing suit for the next day.
A simple meal.
Plenty of walking time.
Don't need much conversation, might block the sound of the gulls, the ocean waves and the gentle breeze of the sea.
A clear night and an open window to hear the ocean as I sleep.

And when I"m home, away from my home by the sea, 

My trusty adirondack chair if I want to catch some rays or my porch swing under the cool pale blue roof of my porch.  
A quick grilled dinner and plenty of time outdoors away from the television.  No distractions just peaceful moments.  
I rush and put in a few loads of laundry, I plan my dinner ahead, every chore takes priority so that to give myself ample time of relaxing out doors.  Don't want to come in until the bats come out.  Literally.  
That's about 8:30 pm.  
Thank you dear Summer for arriving once again in my life.  I have waited for you for so long.  I will seek repose in your embrace.


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