Beetle's Gone Wild!

So I came home from the shore and found this.  Remember my beautiful rose garden in June?  Well it's no longer anything like what the photos captured. I couldn't bring up the courage to attempt to take any photos of the left over battleground.  I felt like a parent coming home from vacation to find that my teenagers had hosted an all welcome college drunken orgy and had trashed the house.  It was a disaster.  I ran in there with my sprays, clippers, bible and sheers clipping, spraying, exorcizing, yelling and hacking away at the mangled rose buds and devil like creatures.  Now I never kill anything.  I'm a hippie at heart and respect the earth and it's creatures but these invaders laughed in my face as they continued on with their behavior as I flicked each one off the roses with my fingers.  
Today, sadly, I hacked down the rest of the roses and sprayed everything with Seven, hoping by the time the buds reappear these delinquent pests will be long gone.  


Beeutiful by Design said...

I just saw these on my crype myrtle last night! I can't spray so I just pick them off, but know it's a futile effort. Sigh! Jennifer

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