New Look

 I love these lime light Hydrangeas.  They are so beautiful and massive in size.  We've had two days of storms here after a huge drought.  Most of them are hanging over from the weight of the water.
Wanted to take some photos incase it rains again and they break.
Love the contrast in color with the green.
Found my centerpiece, a lovely Ginger Jar from NEll Hill.  And I also got my marble top for my table.

Now aside from finding a small victorian bust for my table where the small white statue of three women is, I'm done with the dinning room.  So happy.  I think the marble gave the table a new fab look.


designchic said...

I have limelight hydrangeas too and they make the most beautiful splash in the garden. Your dining room is gorgeous...love the marbletop on the table!

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