Monday, July 23, 2012

My New Dinning Room! Ta ta da!

Okay so it's not new, but paint makes anything look new doesn't it?
This was my dinning room BEFORE. . .

This is it now! . . . 
Thank you KC and Susan and Lisa, and Dawn and Bernice and Tara and everyone in my blogging family who helped me decide on a color.  This was KC's suggestion.  Oxford Gray from Benjamin Moore.  I love it!
I also gave my corner curio away and flipped my table and it gave the illusion of a larger room.  Why didn't I do that before?  Hmmmm.

 This table on the left is getting a white marble top cut to size.  Should get it next week.  Wanted to incorporate a bit more of the white.  Need to go to Black Eyed Susan's and get something for the centerpiece for the table.  Thinking something in blue and white of course.
Waiting till the larger wall is dry to put up my painting.  I like that it doesn't feel as busy and it's more peaceful.  It flows with the rest of the house and doesn't scream out, look I'm different.
Don't know if you can see from this photo but now the navy (Nell Hill's Twilight) flows into the Oxford gray. And the white wainscoating (spell check on wainscoating) ties them both together.

I had forgotten to take a photo of the new outside furniture and cushions and I remembered to post them today but I realized that 90percent of my home is blue and white including the outside patio and front porch.  I guess they are my favorite combination of colors for decor.


Anonymous said...

I really like the changes you have made in your dining room. Great choice in paint colors! Robin

Lee said...

Thank you Robin. I appreciate any comments. It's always scary when you make a change. Thanks.

Susan@besusan.com said...


I love the "flip" of the dining room table. Love the absence of the dated wall paper! I think you've done a fabulous job.

I have some ideas for the dining room centerpiece, but you may have to be open to the "new" look in table decor! Don't worry, I won't suggest anything modern or crazy...

I won't be in until early afternoon due to a morning appointment, so wait until I arrive!

Can't wait to see you.I'll do my best to give you something that would befit Nell Hill!

I've been so busy of late that I hardly have time to check y favorite bloggers...including my own family! Good to catch up.

I'll be waiting!

Windlost said...

totally stunning. love everything. xo terri

Nella said...

Hi Lee, I love the new paint colour of your beautiful living room, and placement of the table....I am going to be bold here and make a suggestion! If this was my room this is what I would do....remove the runner, your table is gorgeous...does not need to be covered! Next put all your amazing blue export china in the center of the table, yes, also the pieces from the Demi lune table you are covering with marble! Fill them with gorgeous white hydrangeas blooms, fake or fresh....because they are different sizes and heights, it will give you the height you need under your ceiling fixture.
Place two lovely candlestick lamps with shades on the demi lune table,on each side with perhaps another low bowl or ginger jar in blue in the center..or a bust....that is what I would ! My two cents worth....N.xo

Nella said...

Sorry Lee, I meant dining room, duh! N.xo

Lee said...

Thank you so much for all the suggestions will keep all in mind. Thank you