A Writer's Ride.

So after months of work, and editing, my second book is finished!!!!!!!!  TA DAAAAAAA!
You might be saying "Okay what happend to the first?"
Good Question.
My first book, The Shoebox was finished but after a few suggestions by my editor and a couple of agents we had decided to go back to it and adjust a few things here and there. (minor adjustments mostly with exposition) In the mean time I was working with my editor Victoria on my second novel, "The Eighth Summer."
We just finished it yesterday.  I wish I could tell you what if feels like to have worked on it for so long and finally see the finished product?  I could say it's like a pregnancy and when you finally give birth you feel this incredible relief, euphoria and sadness all at the same time.  
I guess that would be the best example.
I love each book completely and honestly I can't tell you which one I love more.  I have fallen madly in love with my characters and can't wait until my readers fall in love with them as well.
I write literary fiction and in my novels I try to incorporate some of my life as well.  There is always a little of me or the people in my life in my characters but I like to think of them as the more perfect version although still perfectly flawed and filled with human imperfections.  Hee Hee. 
So now as we spend a few weeks polishing my first book we need to work on getting the two ready for Literary Agents.
I also have a third one waiting in the wings, title - tentative. 
It truly takes a village as a writer to make your way into the literary world.  Belive me I know, and I'm not even there yet.  Wish me luck! 
You first write a book, duh!  Make sure it is as perfect as can be, complete and finished.  Then you create a query letter (selling yourself and your idea), then a brief synopsis of your entire novel, then the work begins.  Emailing possible agents that have a preference to your type genre and that's what you do, email and wait, email and wait.  Finding the right agent is a taxing chore because you have to read their bios and find out who they are first and what are they looking for.
Big time agents want big time authors and new agents will be open to seeking first time authors but there are so many first time authors sending them their queries that it is so competitive.  Also you can wait and hear from someone in a month, a week or you might not hear from them.  Most heavy duty agents are too busy and will state on their sites that "if you haven't heard anything in blah blah time you will not be hearing due to the heavy volume of submissions."  Blah blah blah!
Needless to say I have many hours ahead of me.  But this time I'm armed and ready because I have worked for the past almost three years with the best editor any writer could be lucky enough to have found.
Her blog is on my blog list.  www.victoriamixon.com
And her two books are my bibles for writing.  If you are interested in writing at all I suggest you get them.  Brilliantly written and easy step by step methods to help improve the art and craft of writing.  
I'm going to end my post, I need to go and enjoy my moment before I have to start all over again.  


Victoria Mixon said...

Thank you, pumpkin! You should be very pleased with yourself and all your hard work.

Go treat yourself to an 'Amy Palmer.'


Nella said...

Hi Lee, it was sooooo nice to hear from you......and I am truly amazed at what you have taken on here....writing fiction!! Goodness, girl, I love your chutzpah !! I shall be following along just to see how all this turns out for you! By the way, my roses are being devoured by THE BEETLES as well, just keep doing the Sevin, it may take a few sessions though, they are persistent....and everything here is so dry as well, my saving grace is the shade from our tall trees. I am trying to post about the renovation, but Picasa and Blogger are acting up, and I can't download any pics.....Always something...N.xoxo

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