Change Is In The Air . . . Last of Summer Days

It's hard to believe that Summer is winding down to a close.  I felt like the last month of summer I spent in pain over my leg and back.  I can happily say that I am 95 percent better now.  Thanks for all the support and suggestions.  I have to say that the Painazol did work for me.  It tastes just like water, has no taste and I took two drop fulls a day.  I'm still taking it.  
I am home now, away from the beach.  I wasn't able to walk the boardwalk as many times as I usually do due to knee pain.  I did however visit the beach every day while I was there.  While there we did our usual routine.  

Breakfast out, everyday.  Loved it.  Our favorite place is Uncle Bills although we do love Zoes.  
We walked the Washington St Mall at night at times.  Or walked there from our home.

It's always fun to walk around and see all the people visiting.  
When I returned home to this. . . 
Hundreds of burnt leaves on the ground.  First sign of Autumn approaching.

My Garden's flowers are few, the hydrangeas had a terrible season, many are burnt or have lost color.  This is the only pretty angle left to photograph.

When Summer arrives I always automatically do two things, put up my half moon flag on my front porch and then put up the Badmitton net.  For me they have always signaled the beginning of the season.
Matt, Tim and I have played many games on this field.  I taught them how to play and now they beat me every time and joke about how terrible I am.  "Hey, who taught you this game?"
But now, the games are fewer and the times spent playing together are less.  When I look out at my net I know I will be taking it down soon.  Soon the green will be gone and white will cover the grounds.  The trees will be bear and the land will once again be silent, dormant.  My sons are older now.  Soon they will no longer be around and that makes me long for a time when my boys were small and needed me for everything.
As I look outside, even after my sons have grown and gone I shall forever see their images running in on the grass, waving at me to see them throw a curve ball or punt a football clear over the trees.  
I shall hear their laughter echoing through the trees and see their beautiful faces shinning in the sun.

My sons will forever be my first priority, my concern and worry, my joy and where I find peace.  
I was thinking about this as I noticed that the morning now are a bit chillier than they were a week ago and the evenings are growing cooler.  Everything changes and there are cycles in life that are constantly moving and shifting.  Winter changes into Spring and Summer into Fall.  Boys will be men and moms will go from being the most important in their lives to holding back opinions, or suggestions, and trying not to say the wrong thing so not to appear pushy.  Letting go is so difficult for me.  Letting go of Summer, letting go of people in our lives, letting go of our children as we watch them grow as an adult.  
So hear I hold on tightly to the last days of summer, as I hold on to my boys as long as I can.  


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