Victoria Has Arrived!

Okay so I found the bust I've been so looking for at Pottery Barn. (Of all places, it was right under my nose)  Thank you all my sweet friends in the Blogsphere who gave me such great comments, suggestions and ideas.  I feel very fortunate to have such positive people around me.

 So she arrived today.  She hardly weighs much and was 99 dollars for those of you who might be interested in doing a similar project or just having a lovely bust.  She is stunning.  I named her Victoria after my lovely and equally stunning editor and friend.
So I know I took a risk but I decided to paint her white.
I'm a very sloppy painter.

So by all means you definitely can try this at home.  If I could do it so can you.  I just used a regular semi gloss white.  Had to take 3 coats.

I love the result.  Victoria now resides in my newly painted dinning room.  She is lovely and looks very happy to be home.  


Rhonda said...

She is just beautiful. Good call on painting her white.

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