Searching for the Perfect Bust!

Okay, I know what your thinking!  I'm not looking for an implant, I'm looking for a bust for my table with the new marble top.
I have spent quite some time going to some of my favorite little antique stops looking for a pretty feminine elegant bust to go on the table, preferably white.
I found this lovely one in a photo from Camas Market in Washington.
Isn't she lovely.  She is bust made like Jane Austen.  I would love to have her but I called and they didn't have her anymore.  I was willing to paint her white.  
I have to say I don't want to spend more than 150 so I'm going to have alot of searching to do.  I have looked all over the internet and everything is either too rough or masculine, or too expensive.  
On Sunday (despite my sciatic nerve flare up- it's been terrible) Rob and I went into Lambertville over the little Washington Crossings Bridge over the Delaware into a sweet little town in NJ where there is a great antiquing spot.

We always find so many great little gems here.  Well I didn't find a bust but I found her.
I thought she was so pretty in her lovely dress.  I hung her in my bedroom.
45 dollars.  Thought that was a great buy considering that the frame was in excellent condition.
I do like her above.  Found her on page 57 of my Ethan Allen Style book.  For those of you own this little treasured book, you know what I'm talking about.  Ethan Allen hasn't put out a book in a long time.  I was lucky to have aquired one from my friend Kc.  I can't tell you how much I have learned from that book.  
Anyway, I did love her.  She was more feminine than rough looking.  Funny she doesn't look like she's in any pain after something obviously bit her arm off.  I wonder if it was a shark bite?  Hmmmm.

Anywho, if anyone out there sees any pretty inexpensive busts let me know and if you don't mind giving me the store's info so that I can contact them.  I thought I'd try to find one through my 49 blogging friends.  Hey why not right?
I'll return the favor anytime.  
Peace and Love 


BB said...

Have you checked eBay? Brenda

Tina Leigh said...

Good luck with finding your bust..I love the picture btw!

Julie said...

Have you tried Nell Hill's? Seems
Ike I saw some busts when I was there a few weeks ago.

Jaybird said...

I found a beauty in the clearance section of Hobby Lobby. Maybe you could find one at their website.
Good luck!

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