Simple Things

Ever since I moved away from the city I always wanted to hang clothes outside.  I remember as a little girl reading in books or watching movies where the people in the stories hung their sheets and clothing  out to dry.  There is something therapeutic about it.  I love standing on my deck on a sunny warm day with a basket of wet clothes ready to hang out.
Even Rudy enjoys soaking up some of the sun while he watches me hang my sheets.  
There is something simple, ordinary, routine like that while doing the task, focusing on the wooden pins and placing the items on the line that takes your mind off of things you might want to take a break from.  
It is in the daily chores that I find peace at times.  The washing, the folding, hanging and putting away that absorbs the stress and calms my anxiety, worries, doubts.  
In a world that is so crazy I thank God for the ordinary daily jobs.


Nella said...

Hi Lisa, loved this little post! Yes, it is all those " old fashioned " routine household tasks that sometimes keep us grounded...laundry, stitching, ironing, cooking....really gifts we give to those we love, our families. I wish we would all go back to spending more time embracing such tasks in this fast paced world we live in....have a happy weekend, enjoying what remains of summer, N.xo

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