Harvest Day

I know I said I wouldn't post until I went to Susan's tag sale on Thursday but I had forgotten about Harvest Day.  Our home is very close to the Delaware River.  It runs through our neighboring towns and through Washington Crossing.
It is a bucolic setting where locals set Adirondack chairs to face the lovely river, or where people spend their Saturdays and Sunday's on their small canoes and boats fishing or riding down the river.  
The small canal runs parallel to the river and usually is filled with joggers and bike riders or dog owners walking their dogs on a lazy afternoon. 
Well today there were no walkers, or runners, no one fishing or boating because it was Harvest Day.  
Harvest Day is a yearly event where vendors set up their tents along the streets.  There usually is live music and many outdoor cooking.  

We had lovely weather and as you can see there was a wonderful turnout.  
I was impressed by a lovely woman painter painting with acrylics on canvas, this sweet house.  I had to take a photo.

My oldest son's girlfriend Liddy is an artist.  She is a graphic designer and a creatively artistic person who makes lovely creations out of recycled paper and natural products.  
Here is my son and his girlfriend tending to customers.  She had so many intrigued by her work and literally everyone who left her tent left with a shopping bag.  

 Did I mention it was 84 degrees?
Her signs were all done handmade, freehand mind you.  Lovely.  Everything she does is so delicate and  
beautiful.  I bought some feathers that were made from paper and sprinkled with glitter and a sweet copper flower she made of paper as well.  
www.madebyliddy.com is Liddy's sight if anyone out there is interested in seeing or ordering any of her lovely creations.  
My other son Matt in the back ground.  I wore a long sleeve blouse in silk that I love but today it was 84 degrees and although I was in fall mode, I sweat like crazy.  I don't know what I was thinking.  But It truly was a beautiful day for Harvest day.


liddy said...

Thank you for always coming out and all your support!

Blondie's Journal said...

What a fun event! I really love Liddy's creations and I'll visit her website. The flowers are SO pretty!


Nella said...

Dear Lee, thank you for your lovely comment and for stopping by.....how wonderful for you to have such a creative and talented young lady in your circle! I have two sons also, and it is so nice to have some female insight and point of view some times! All that testosterone can be a bit much, don't you think! N.xo

for the love of a house said...

okay Lee... I had to read this three times thinking "no way that is her son"! You look like you would have 2 and 3 year olds!! Actually my first thought before reading the commentary was "that's a very handsome man and woman" and it was your son and girlfriend!

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