I Love Autumn for . . .

Next to my obsession with summer I would have to say that Autumn is my second favorite season.
Our home is surrounded by many farms and most of them have pumpkin picking activities and our favorite "Haunted Hayrides."
I enjoy pumpkins, and baking with them.  Love to make my pumpkin loafs, and pumpkin cookies that are wonderful.
I enjoy Autumn because it reunites the family.  It brings us in earlier.  
Fall television is better, there are scary movies always on (Okay I can't handle too scary)
We make hot chocolate and smores, I buy apple cider and make hot tea in the evening and my favorite thing to do is nestle in my favorite chair with a nearby throw around my lap and one of my favorite books to look through.  That is if my dogs give me a chance before they jump on my lap to have a nap.
I like roasting meats in the oven and autumn vegges like butternut squash and sweet potatoes.  
There is usually a fresh batch of cookies once a week baking in the oven and apple pies are more frequent.  
I tend to wish that we didn't have all the advanced technology.  That we could go back when you talked more, played more games, spent more time around the home watching one of three channels you had on your television.  More people took the time to write letters instead of texting and 
time was slower and less stressful.  
The greatest part of Autumn is that we use our fireplace alot.  Nothing better than hearing the wood crackling as you sit in your favorite chair and smell the wonderful fragrance of the burning wood.  
The light in the afternoons is golden and as you grab your favorite sweater and scarf you breathe in the fresh crisp air.
Happy Autumn Friends, 
Take time to do something comforting for yourself.


for the love of a house said...

Happy Fall Lee! Loving this gorgeous weather and I'm seeing pumpkins in my future!! I like to wait until it "feel" fall and it does. First fire in the fireplace last night. Don't you just love seeing all the pumpkins in their patch! The first fall here I squealed when I saw a huge field of them. I had never seen that before!

BB said...

That is a great photo of the pumpkins. I love everything pumpkin as well!

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