Kansas Has Nell Hill, Bucks County Has Susan Taylor

I promised that I would blog about today and I am ready.  So if you just clicked on, I hope you have a comfortable chair because I have alot of photos and alot to write about.  I'm still on cloud nine from my day trip to one of my favorite designers and happy to say friend's Home Tag Sale.
Okay so this is what Susan sent out via e-mail.  Just reading it sent me into a hot flash!  I have had to read this over and over for the past two weeks counting down the hours, minutes and seconds until today. (Remember, I take care of my mom full time, I don't get out much so this for me was monumental!)
Okay are you ready?????  
Unfortunately I failed to take a photo of Susan's gorgeous home from the outside.  I went with my dearest friends Kc and Michelle and we arrived 9 minutes before ten.  We sat in the car laughing and looking at the time until it was time to go inside.  
All I can say is OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Okay This is going to be a long post of photos)
When Michelle, KC and I walked inside we were greeted my Susan's friends/staff who told us that anything with an orange (of course) tag was for sale.  But there were so many things that didn't have a tag that we wanted as well.  I kept yelling,"come on, lets just put it in the truck, she'll never know."
Hee hee. (Remember to double click on the pics so you can see them larger.)
Let us begin with the Lady of the Manor, Susan Taylor.  Here she is in her beautiful boudoir.  
Her bed is for sale, her curtains, her armoire, her lamps her chairs, her art work.  Oh my I had so many hot flashes from excitement I can't even begin to tell you.  
Her bedroom is stunning.  I have the same painting in my dinningroom.  "The Painter's Honeymoon."  I love it.  So glad she wasn't selling hers.
Her lovely dishes, regretfully I didn't buy any because I was paying too much attention to everything else.
Here is my lovely friend KC.  We were giddy with excitement shopping first dibbs at Susan's home today.  KC purchased that lamp and I purchased that painting behind her on the table.

There is Michelle, too busy to look up for the photo.  She bought that charming little table.
View from the stairs.  
One of the many amazing, sweet and charming bathrooms.
Lovely guest room filled with gems.
Look at this fabulous chair.  It was priced 160.00 incredible.

This chair was so lovely.  100.00 dollars.  A steal but I didn't have room for it.
KC bought this lovely mirror for her bedroom.
This is Susan's Master bathroom.  Look at her vanity with a wall full of antique mirrors.
To die for.
One of the many stunning chandeliers.

A close up of the chair and price.  

I purchased this lovely table.   Love this table so much.  Originally bought 1,500.  I bought it for $250.00  So excited.  Absolutely love it!  Wish I had the room for the two wing chairs I would have put matching slip covers on.  Lovely.

Susan and I in her dinning room.  It must have been 85 degrees today and 90 inside and there I am with a long sleeve blouse and I even wore a jacket.

Today was a joy.  I spent the morning with two of my lovely friends, at another talented and lovely friends home while shopping for lovely things.   Then when I got home my little table I bought on ebay came for my foyer.  
I fell in love with this table.  My foyer is so tiny but it fit perfectly.  I can't stop looking at it.  I placed my purchase above it temporarilly until Rob gets home and can hang it up for me.  The painting was so lovely.  I think it was meant to be in my foyer.  Today felt like Christmas.  
I know it must sound silly to go on and on about furniture and things for the home.  I know they are things and just things but they enhance my little spaces at home.   I take care of my mom after my father passed three years ago therefore I can't work, and my days can be stressful when she is having a bad day (forgetting things) but I'm thankful for good days like this one.  I thank God for them and for allowing me to enjoy the little things.  I am also blessed to have a husband who is kind and supportive.  I buy things only when I can and appreciate all that I have because life is precious and short.  As long as your priorities are in order and your family comes first and what they need then I don't believe enjoying a few things is a bad thing.
The other little painting I bought was this little charming one.  My total was $410.  But subtract 80 because 2 botanicals I bought I'm selling to KC, because I decided not to use them for my foyer so she's buying them to go with the one she bought today.  So the total changes to $330.  I think I did well and not too over my budget.  I bought a 1500 dollar table for 250, 2 paintings, and two little metal decorations for my half bath at 2 dollars each.
It was utopia.  All I needed was Robert Pattinson and fried shrimp and I could have died and gone to heaven. And to top it all off I met a lovely lady, Cindy, who immediately said "Hey your Lisa's Hideaway."  She recognized me from my blog.  She's a follower.  I felt like a celebrity.  Thank you Cindy.  (She didn't let me take her photo for my blog)
Next time Cindy.
Thanks Susan, Thanks KC & Michelle for a fun morning.
Thanks to all of you who follow my little blog.


Linda Primmer said...

Wow, so many beautiful things to admire. The home is charming. I can see why you were so excited. It is a shame, you didn't take a picture of the exterior of the house. Thanks for giving me a peak. I am your newest follower.

Anonymous said...

Wow, looks like you had a great time today! I wasn't able to go, but hope to go tomorrow. I just hope there's something left for me!:0) Have a great weekend!

24 Corners said...

So glad you were able to have such a wonderful day of giddy pleasure!!! The paintings are absolute treasures...love them! I think I would have been drooling over all the china...my weakness!
I just came back from taking care of my mom for a few weeks and I salute you for all the love and time you are giving her...you're a very good daughter and she is very blessed!
xo J~

BB said...

Thanks for sharing the photos. I love the picture of the house; it reminds me of my grandparents' farm house.

You're a loving daughter. Your mother is lucky to have you caring for her.


Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

That sale looks like so much fun. Nice to go into a house knowing that treasures await - and all the more fun with friends! I think that picture of the house you bought is so perfect! Great find. Had fun reading your post. Best wishes to you and your mom.

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