My Lanterns Came From Kansas!

I recently wrote that I ordered some lanterns from Nell Hill's store for my front porch.  My husband told me to order them since I was sad about not being able to go to Mary Carol's open house this year.
Well they came on Friday.  Love them!  Let me know what you think okay.
Now if you like them please feel free to click on the Nell Hill Icon on my sidebar it will direct you to her online shopping and you can purchase them too.  I bought the large ones.  I do have a small one as well that I had purchased on my trip to Kansas.  Take a look!
Here they are in my kitchen when they arrived.  Aren't they just to die for?  I simply love them.
I had to put Mary Carol's signature black and white gingham ribbon on it and some greens I bought from Black Eyed Susan's.  
And here they are on my porch.  I just love them so much.  I bought two faux flame candles and I'm ready for the fall.  

And there it is in front of Mary Carol's home.  There are endless possibilities.  You can put ribbons or flowers, pumpkins inside, whatsoever you wish to do.  I love it.  Perfect idea to welcome in the fall.


BB said...

Love your new lanterns! I'm getting geared up to decorate for fall as well.

Anonymous said...

I also have a thing for lanterns. Love your new ones!

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