A Very Big Weekend

So as I sit here watching Hurrican Sandy come thrashing through I pray for my house in the shore to be safe, for everyone in harms way to be safe as well.  I decided to post about the weekend and all the excitement November brings.
First of all to Launch the excitement, on Thursday November 1st (my most favorite month out of the year)  Susan Taylor, my dear friend, designer and store owner, launches her Christmas spectacular!  Her unveiling of this year's christmas decor and endless possibilities.  I look forward to this event all year long.  
Here is a preview of just her greens.  Yippie!  Love greens.  
Unfortunately KC will not be joining us, my dear friend and companion every year.  Lisa and I will be going, but we will miss you KC.  I promise to take a lot of photos.

Then Friday! (On my best friend and sister Sonali's birthday) I almost can't even write it down because I'm so excited and a bit terrified at the same time.  Hee Hee.
Friday (Once Hurricane Sandy is far away) I will be hopefully seated on a plane heading for Kansas to Mary Carol Garrity's OPEN HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Okay forget the plane part, lets omit that and not even mention it again.  Lets pretend I'm already there. I can't wait to see Mary Carol's home again.  To walk through it's glorious not ostentatious but elegant, comforting, beautiful rooms.  When you walk through her home you feel like "Omg!  How lovely, hey I can do that at home!  or I can totally try that!"  I love that about her.  Her ideas are feasible and even if you don't have the exact piece of furniture or chair, one can create the look with what you have.

On Sunday Nov 4th, my youngest son Matthew will receive his high school ring in a ring ceremony where he is in the chorus and will be singing a solo.  I can only imagine my mascara.  Note to self:  Use waterproof mascara and bring plenty of tissues.

Finally Monday the 5th is my 24th wedding Anniversary.  I can't believe we have been married for 24 years.  My husbands anniversary gift is taking me to Kansas for the day.  He is the best! 
So needless to say, I am excited about the weekend ahead.  Just praying that I can survive the plane ride.  I wanted to take something but the flight is too short and all I need is to get off the plane and walk into Mary Carol's home like Lucy on Vitaminaveggimin!  "Do You poop out at Parties?"  Only true Lucy fans and women over 40 who grew up on that show will get that.
And then in a few days I will be turning 47!  AHHHHHH!  Oh well.  
I promise to take tons of photos, I will try to take different angles too of Mary's home and of her store.  Will keep you all posted.  
Stay safe if your in Sandy's path.


Blondie's Journal said...

You really have a big week coming up, Lee! I can feel your excitement! I would love to do the tour of Mary Carol's home, I have her Christmas book and love her style.

Now...start saving up your energy, you're going to need it! And please remember to post pictures and tell us all about your fun times!


Tina Leigh said...

Well sounds wonderful!!! You do have a lot to look forward to this month.

Yes you better have the water proof stuff on or you will look like a raccoon!! But then, its your boy & you can cry if you want to, I say! LOL!

Be safe!

BB said...

Ha! I totally get the Lucy reference! Have fun on all your special days.

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