Autumn Friends

About two days ago the corn was cut down.  I live across from a cornfield.  The geese have come to settle along the land and it is a beautiful thing.  Their sounds are comforting and exciting to me as they signal their arrival flying in almost v formation over my home.  My dogs bark at each fly by and some of them even make a pit stop on my lawn or even on my roof.  This is as close as I could get without scarying them away.  They feed on the ground corn left over.  As I walk up my road to get my mail I can hear them.  I can hear them from my bedroom window as I open it to greet the day.  I can hear them all communicating at once.  Who takes care of them?  Who watches over them?  They seem content and excited and share in a brotherhood similar to soldiers together looking out for one another constantly being there for each other.  I watch how they move over to allow another to feed nearby.  Or even how they cross together looking, one looking out for the cars and then signaling with it's head to go forth.  
How much can we learn from our winged friends.


Blondie's Journal said...

What a beautiful view you have of the field and the geese! I love the wide open, something I am seriously lacking here! lol! Pretty pictures!

Have a happy weekend, Lee!


Tina Leigh said...

We get a good many geese in this area but they never stop at my house! I even have a pond but it is a rare thing to get even a wood duck for a hour.

I would be totally fascinated by them if they would only give me the chance!

I love the pictures and how you describe their behavior!

Lee said...

Thank you ladies.

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