Berry Bush

For the past five years I have tried to grow Berry bushes.  I have always failed due to the heavy deer population in my area.  We had three growing and slowly now only one.  Well this week I was surprised with my very first blooming of berries.  Take a look.
Although small, I thought it produced quite a bit of berries.

I love the contrast of the red against the green.

It tells me that it's that time, time to move activities indoors
to order more firewood
take out the warm comforters and throws 
make a fire
breathe it in, the smell of the wood and enoy the sound of the crackling kindling
roast more meals
enjoy the early signs of evening as the light changes
watch more movies on the couch
take out the soup books
stock up in hot chocolate
make pumpkin anything
pull out my favorite sweaters
write letters, without a computer
wear my husband's bulky socks around the house
always coffee but have tea while in my favorite chair enjoying a great book
and most of all
enjoy being home
it's time to settle in. . . Autumn is here.


Tina Leigh said...

Oh I very much agree on that long list of "wonderfuls"!

The berry bush is very pretty. The deer are not a problem at my house, BUT my DEAR husband is...he sprayed roundup all the way around my house last month & killed EVERYTHING!! It was an accident..suppose to be a pesticide as were being invaded by worms.

The worms left. I think they were starving to death!!

Love the picture of the leaves too!

Blondie's Journal said...

The berry bush is so pretty, I'm glad it survived. The branches would look lovely in a vase.

I feel the same warm thoughts when autumn arrives. I think it's definitely nesting/resting time! I'm a big coffee drinker, too, but a nice cup of tea in the evening is wonderful!


BB said...

Your autumn plans sound warm and cozy. I love this time of year!

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

Very pretty! I had some lilac plants from my grandma's yard that I so wanted to grow here - they didn't make it - so I know how you feel. At least it's a good start that you have one going!

24 Corners said...

I love your berry bush! We lost ours when we were building 24C, and I can't wait to get another...or two, they're so festive. I'd like to try the purple and white berry bushes too...can you just imagine!
Happy Autumn Lisa...
xo J~

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