Carolyne Roehm's Website, To Die For.

I have often posted about Carolyne Roehm and her home in Connecticut, Weatherstone. I have had the wonderful opportunity to visit her home and her gardens twice along with Bunny Williams garden.

I've always had a admiration for strong women who love gardening and decorating and have made a name for themselves.  Carolyne has always been at the top of my list.  I can honestly say that after meeting her and visiting her home, having the pleasure of chatting with her and her lovely mother on two different occasions, she is charming and sweet and totally approachable.  Her home is a treasure and although it is grand in scale it has the comforting quality of a home.
She just posted these amazing photos of her studio.  You have to see them.  You can also visit her website on my sidebar.  Just click on Carolyne Roehm.

Weatherstone had been damaged by a fire years ago and Carolyne was able to restore it to perfection.
These are some old photos of Weatherstone before the fire and restoration (I believe)

And this is it now in all it's glory.  Perfection!
Complete with an exquisite porch.
Here I am walking on her property.  (Intruder!)  Hee Hee.

Her staff was joking with me because on this lovely spring morning I had chosen a light blue gingham blouse, grey pants and a straw hat and it turned out Carolyne was wearing the same thing.

I have a photo I took with Carolyne but I came out so terrible that I refuse to post it.  She came out lovely of course.

Here is her stunning studio surrounded by wisteria.  

Her new book will be released early November about flowers.  I can't wait.  
Check out her books on her website.  Each one is a treasure by themselves.
Also I am not ashamed to say that I have totally copied from Carolyne so many rooms in my home.  I even had my barn built to resemble her studio.  I know, I know, but once you have walked on Weatherstone grounds it is impossible not to be influenced.  Even my kitchen was influenced by hers.  
(along with The Big Chill as posted in Joni's Cote De Texas post that you can click on, on the sidebar or click Southern Hospitality's post on feature friday to see photos.)
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24 Corners said...

Beautiful home...and the grounds are so lovely! How exciting for you to have been able to have such a wonderful visit!
xo J~

Anonymous said...

Carolyn has a very distinctive and sure style. Looking at pictures of her rooms gives me a kind of peace because she is in charge of what's going on. Ones does not sense uncertainty in her choices. I am sure I could not deal with decorating those large rooms. In part her success may stem from the fact that she does not have to take anyone else's ideas into consideration. These are her rooms. And also that she has a bottomless pocketbook. But I still couldn't do what she does. Taste. She has dramatic and exquisite taste. Her rooms are a joy to the senses. Ann

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