My Affair with My House

Not since Bunny Williams An Affair with a House, book came out a few years ago about her passion for her home, or Carolyne Roehm's book (any of her books) Passion for Interiors, or of course any
Mary Carol Garrity Home decor books, or Charlotte Moss, Winter House has a book mesmerized me like the one today.  My friend Kc and I read about Gil Shffer's home and new book in Velvet and Linen blog and we knew we had to order it.  Mine came today.  I have not put it down.  Well obviously I put it down so that I could blog about it.
Gil Shaffer is an architectural God who has created the most beautiful homes including his own.  The photos in the book are by Rizzoli and each page is a masterpiece of it's own along with Gil's lovely writing about his passion for creating a home.
I've often said that a home should be a mixture of the past and present.  Well he wrote a quote from Gio Ponti that says "For life to be great and full, we have to combine the past with the future."
I loved reading that because it reaffirmed what I've always believed.
My home is filled with new and old, custom design and vintage antique.  I love that I have a claw foot tub from 1912 along with a new marble vanity from Pottery Barn.  Things like that I believe make your home unique, special and yours.
Here are a few photos of his book.

This view reminds me of Bunny Williams home which Gil says was an inspiration.  I had the wonderful opportunity of seeing Bunny Williams home in person when Rob and I went to the Trade Secrets Home Garden Tour one year.  It was a dream.  
Here are a few photos of my trip to Bunny Williams Home.
Bunny Williams Home (Can you see the similarity of the homes)

Here I am in Bunny Williams Garden

Here is Rob outside looking at Bunny Williams Pool house.
Back to The Book

This photo (Trina if your reading this) reminds me of Trina and Mike's home from A Country Farmhouse.

Each photo is exquisite and truly a work of art.  
I felt inspired today as I looked through this glorious book and went to a little antique shop nearby on my way to pick my Fall Pumpkins.  
I had been searching for a small table to place in a corner of my formal living room and I found something truly fitting.  
Lately I have had a fascination with tiny tables.  But they all have to have something unique and different that stand out, make you look twice.  I had been looking for something resembling this photo from one of Mary Carol's books.
This little table had me drooling to the point of calling the Briarcliff Nell Hill store to find out where it was from.  It turns out that it was from a photo shoot taken from one of Mary Carol's friends and it in fact was an antique.  One of a kind, not easily duplicated or found.  Well I was devastated.  So my search began.  I found a few that I liked but didn't want to spend alot of money so I finally gave up until I found this little sweet table today and got it for 90 dollars.
Pardon the awful photo taken with my i phone.  I hate iphone photos but I was too lazy to go get my camera.  Have had a headache all day.  Anyway, I loved that there were two little shelves and lovely little spindles or wooden slats on each side.  It stood out for me and made me want to buy it.  
It is very tiny and fits perfectly in this little corner of my home.
And finally, I also purchased this beauty.  I have seen her before casually on the internet but now when I need to find her and get her name I can't.  So if anyone out there knows her name please feel free to let me know.  She is so lovely and I love her dress and stare and chair and the details in the painting.  
Even though I had a headache, it was a productive day.  I bought pumpkins, bought a lovely painting, got a great deal on an antique table and received a book in the mail I will cherish forever.   I highly recommend "The Great American House." If you love design, architecture and fine homes.  It is a joy to read and look at. 
I guess Miss Bunny isn't the only one who is having an affair with her house.  I am too.  Are you?


BB said...

Lisa, The beautiful lady in the painting looks as if she could be one of your ancestors!

Lee said...

Brenda, either you need glasses badly or you are just the sweetest thing. You are too kind.

designchic said...

Like you, I could not put it down. I adore his architecture and his home is absolutely stunning!

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