My New Chair

So ever since I came back from Susan's Tag Sale I have thought about her lovely chair for 160.00 that I did not buy.  After flipping my formal living room around I realized that I definitely had had a spot for it.  But it was too late.
So I was looking through Ballard Design on line and found this little sweet chair that had the word "sale"on it in red.  I clicked on it.  It turned out that you could get the chair for half price but only in two colors, linen and a greyish blue color.  I first selected the grey but by the time I came around to ordering it an hour later it was already sold out.  So I quickly clicked on the linen colored one.  By the time I filled out the information and ordered it, I apparently had bought their last one.  So I'm going to take it as if it was waiting there for me.
It came today.  I'm in love.  And I'm posting so that if you have never bought anything from Ballard Design you can see that they have wonderful furniture.  I have a settee, a desk, and shelves.  They are a wonderful company and have lovely things in their catalog and on line.  I have a link to it on my sidebar.  Please feel free to click and look.  And check their sale items.  I lucked out with this chair.  1/2 the normal price.  It was worth it.
See for yourself.
All the great designers, Mary Carol Garrity, Charlotte Moss, Bunny Williams, they all talk about creating conversation spots.  Areas that are inviting to sit with someone and talk.  Areas in your home that invite you, call you and say "sit and relax".  I have tried to do that throughout my home.  I know I have succeeded because some of the biggest and most important critics (my sons) will tell me that the house is cozy and comfy.  You can have wonderful pieces of furniture and beautiful things but if it doesn't feel like you can handle them or sit in them or look at them then I don't want them.  

My scale for comfort when I walk into a home, any home, is funny, perhaps odd.  I always think if I didn't feel well, had cramps, a terrible cold, could I relax and lay down in that room, in that couch?  Could I sit in that chair with a throw and sip hot tea and feel comfort and healing?  If the answer is no then it's not the house, the chair, the ambiance for me.  
I don't want to live in a hotel, or a cold isolated room that yells "careful, pointy, dangerous curves, sharp glass, cold floors!"  Some homes have that feel where they might as well have one of those felt ropes looped around at the entrance way like a museum where no one should pass.  Is that the way a HOME should feel?  I have throws in every room to cuddle up with.  I have my favorite books, plenty of lighting and pretty things to the eye so that I can take care of every need.  
At least for me, that is what I have tried to accomplish in my home.  
And at least every season, every month or so (sometimes more often than I should) I walk around, take a look and think.  Is there any thing that can be flipped?  Can that chair work in a different spot?
Is that lamp okay there or would it look better in the other room?  
I think re-inventing your rooms is part of the fun, the excitement.  
Enjoy your home!  Never stop re-inventing.  There are endless possibilities!


Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Hi darling, oh my gosh I love your new chair, it's perfect for your room. hugs ~lynne~

Nella said...

Dear Lee, I feel just like you do about my home...it is my refuge,a place to feel loved and at peace...I am missing it so much right now and hope to be back in for Christmas. I hope to do a post, as soon as I have something to show you! Enjoy this beautiful season, N.xo

Jaybird said...

ahhhhh a lady after my own heart!!! Yes, I look first for welcome, then "comfortability" (don't you love that word ? :^), then warmth, then beauty. I also do the "pace" through my home to make sure that all of those things are present in each room. My home is small, so sometimes you have to hunt for beauty :^)
Thank you for such a lovely blog!

Gerry Bossier said...

That's one lovely chair, Lee. I guess you're truly meant to have that last piece, and I'm glad you got it. The color looks so nice, and it perfectly complements your living room. True, you can never go wrong with neutrals.

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