Sela Ward's Home

I love Sela.  Always have been a fan.  I think if I could look like anyone in the planet I guess I would pick her.  Recently I saw an article on line about her home and how she loves to design and fix up and flip houses.  I thought I'd show you. 

Sela is an artist and she paints most of her artwork in her home.
I must admit, my style is not modern or contemporary in any way but her home is a work of art.  She tends to have a more modern contemporary side.  I do love her color choices and her inhibition for using strong colors.

Her outdoors are lovely.  She wanted a beach feel.

This linen chair reminds me of my new chair.

I know for a fact that she loves to cook, after all shes a southern girl.  You gotta like to cook in the south right, but the kitchen looks like no one has ever cooked in it.

I don't love the little stools, they don't look comfy.  Perhaps her kids hang out here more than she and her hubby do.

Love these two chairs, although modern, the color and texture look inviting.

Gotta love that tub!
I adored her memoir "Homesick"  It was truly a glimpse of her life and a taste of the south.  Poignant and beautifully written she takes us back to her childhood and growing up in Meridian Mississippi.

This room is very peaceful.  I do love how the outdoors are welcome into the home (Frank Lloyd Wright would be happy.  Every room has light and access to the outdoors.

Love that painting of her.  These colors are amazing.  Don't know if I could be that bold.

I love this little glass butler trays.  I love it.  I could see this in my house.
Well hope you enjoyed my little tour through my dear friend Sela's home. (Just kidding, never met her. If you don't know who she is she played Lilly on Once and Again, only my favorite show ever and Teddy Reed on Sisters)


Anonymous said...

You seem very concerned with your looks. You should be happy to be yourself.

Lee said...

I am happy to be my self but she's beautiful. Who wouldn't want to look like her.

Blondie's Journal said...

I agree with you, Lee. She is pretty and down to earth. And from the look of her house, she has her own style! Each room gave me a different feeling. Not being too modern or liking bold colors, some of them did appeal to me. The kitchen is lovely, I could really cook up a storm in there! And everything outside is fabulous. She really is creative! Thanks for the tour! :)


BB said...

I am a fan of Sela Ward also; I loved her in Sisters. Like you, I enjoy looking at her home and admire it even though it is not exactly what I would choose. Love that kitchen! I agree,those bar stools do not look comfy!

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