Throughout the years.

When I was 14 I heard Amy Grant for the first time.  And something inside me changed.  Somehow it was as if she had the answers I had been looking for.  She became the person I wanted to be most like.  Amy Grant, for those of you who don't know who she is, is a christian singer. She is southern and lives in Tennessee, my favorite state that I have visited 11 times. 
Here I am striking a pose before one of our "coffee houses."  A christian concert that the band I was in "Salvation" would perform at.  I am standing against my bedroom door at the time.  I believe I was around 17 in this photo.  Notice all her photos are glued on to my wall.
I wanted to dress like her, sing like her, look like her, be her.  Her hair even frizzed like mine, come on now.
Lets just say I was very impressionable.  (ahh hum, stalker!)
Here I am my first year of marriage.  My husband took me to Nashville and I went to her home.  Back then she was married to Gary Chapman and lived at Riverstone Farm.
If you click on the photo you can see the writing on the stone.  I actually took a small rock and it sits in my rose garden even today.  (Please don't call the Nashville authorities)
I think one of the reasons I loved her so much was the fact that I felt a "kin" to her.  (I know I feel like that about a few ladies, Sela Ward, Ashley Judd, Jaclyn Smith, Mary Carol Garrity)
I have seen her a billion times in concert and had the pleasure of meeting her twice in my life.  
Here I am at a meet and greet in Nashville on yet another trip.  This time I brought my baby boy, Tim.
Here I was at the last meet and greet I attended a few years back.  
Our birthdays are also in November.  I'll be 47 and she will be 52 but throughout my life I have always followed her lifes journey and enjoyed the way our lives seem to have similarities.
Well today Amy was on Katie Couric.
Talking about her parents.  I lost my father (will be 3 years in March) She lost her mom last March.  She struggled with dimentia and now her father has it as well.
She spoke about her experiences taking care of her parents with this dreadful disease.  Once again, there I was feeling her pain and understanding whole heartedly because my mother has it.
She spoke about what it does to the people we love and what happens to us as we are there to go through it with them.  It was very close to home.  I thought about how our lives continue to have similarities.  Although I'm not a christian singer married to a country star, millionaire and live in Nashville, I am a daughter struggling with my own pain, having lost my father and watching my mother wither away.  I can understand because I am there.  


Val said...

She is such an admirable person--and she does seem to have such a gentle strength about her. I love her too. Her "If These Walls Could Talk" song is one from way back that I love. How fun that you've met her! :) I saw Gary Chapman in concert ages ago, but I've never seen her. There was recently (well, maybe this past Christmas?) a really nice and in-depth article/interview/feature on her and Vince Gill in Good Housekeeping in which she discusses her parents, grief, and more that you touch on here. Wait, I just found it online: http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/family/celebrity-interviews/amy-grant-vince-gill-christmas-traditions?click=main_sr Crazy stalker that you are, you've likely seen it already. ;)

Love and Comfort to You,

Val ♥

Nella said...

Dear Lee, I am thinking of you, and this post brought back all the memories and feelings associated with losing my dear Mom....I looked after her with my sister, as well....I miss her every day....she lives on in the two of us and we both never regret spending every precious moment with her...looking forward to your post about Nell's Hill open house...lucky girl!! Love and hugs to you, N.xo

Tina Leigh said...

Yall look like sisters!! It is always nice when we can feel a kinship with another person espc. when going through difficult times.

Shady Lady! said...

love Amy Grant too - and Nashville. Im so fortunate to only live about 2 hours away, so we make the trip very often!

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