Black Eyed Susan's Christmas Unveiling!

So tonight me and my friends KC and Lisa attended Susan Taylors lovely "Best Dressed Holiday House."  It was postponed originally to be held last Thursday but because of the hurricane it was changed to tonight.  I hate that it's so dark now at 6 pm.  We met a little before 6 and then my friend Lisa drove us.  Thanks Lisa.
The store is about 25 minutes from my house, long dark country roads that are not well lit and the deer are everywhere.  Thankfully we made it there safe and sound chatting excitedly all the way to the store.  I love being with them.  We like the same things and enjoy attending Susan's classes and events so very much.
The colors in these photos can not compare to the colors all around the store.
 Here was Susan explaining what we were going to see dressed elegantly in her shimmering silver.
 These faux marshmellows were so pretty.
 There were wonderful lemon treats made by Susan.
 This golden copper color adorned this tree from top to bottom.

 My flash kept casting a glare on these sensational trees with hues of copper, brown and red.

 These candles were extraordinary.  They are not real, but have a fake flame that moves and you can touch it.  They are spectacular.
 Here are Lisa and Susan stopping for a photo op.
 Here are KC, Susan, and Me.  Why do I look bulky and bumpy?  Note to self, burn this sweater.
 Here we all are excited about our shopping spree.

 There were so many lanterns and cloches and glass jars with topiaries and tiny little sweet trees wrapped in burlap.  I loved them.
 This tree had signature Susan colors of the old store in Yardley.
 Excuse me but can someone let him out! Please!!!!!!
 I was very happy to buy some greens for my mantle.  I love these two symmetrical trees/topiary? on either side.  They were all lit up.
 I loved this tree.  The colors didn't come out as vibrant as they were in person
 This centerpiece was luxurious with it's bold colors and greens placement.

 This looked magical as you stood by the table and looked up at the hanging ornaments and ribbon cascading down from the chandelier.

It is always a treat to spend an evening with Lisa and KC and go to any of Susan's classes.  We always learn so much and enjoy figuring out how we can interpret what we see here in our own homes.
I have been blessed by friends, and family, by witnessing beauty in simple things like trees and christmas ornaments.  Life is fleeting and we all carry so much.  My friends and I all have aging mothers who need constant care.  Stress becomes part of your everyday routine when you care for someone so it's nice every once in a while to have a little distraction from the daily worries and fears.  Whether it's watching your favorite show or reading a good book or attending a class on decorating your home or going to an open house.  Whatever it is that lifts you a bit and helps you relax and take your mind off of the things that are heavy in your heart, as long as your not hurting anyone, then treat yourself to it.  Happy planning for the holidays.
Thanks again for all your comments.  I am delighted everytime I read them.


BB said...

What fun! That is my kind of fun holiday open house, as you know. Thanks for letting us live vicariously.

Susan has a fabulous store.

We have deer all over the roads here in Iowa as well. I dread driving after dark here, especially at this time of year:(

Have a good weekend!


Susan@besusan.com said...

Your photos and comments are so personal and thoughtful. I loved seeing and being with all of you and look forward to having you anytime. I'm glad the trek was worth it! Now let's see some photos of what you create at home.

Happiest of Holiday Seasons.


BB said...

Lisa, this store does remind me of my favorite, Boat's in Pella, Iowa.
Aren't we lucky to have such wonderful, inspiring places to go to for fun and ideas?

The Buzz Blog said...

Thanks for sharing this holiday spirit, Lisa, and for stopping by The Buzz! If this post doesn't get us in the mood to decorate, nothing will.
C + C

Denise Wood said...

Thanks for the photo gallery! I've been wondering how Susan's store turned out after being decorated for the season.

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