Feet Back On The Ground. . .

I must say after this weekend I felt like I was on a high with all the excitement.  My brain has not stopped churning, thinking, planning, inventing, preparing.  That's what happens when you attend Mary Carol Garrity's open house or when you visit any of her stores or read any of her books.  It is life altering!  (FOR THOSE WHO WISH TO READ ABOUT THE OPEN HOUSE PLEASE SCROLL DOWN TO THE PAST TWO POSTS)
Well life must go on.  It is November 7.  Hard to believe that Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  Here in Bucks County we are expecting some SNOW today.  So it's hard not to think of the holidays with the weather and the date pointing out that the time is near.
On Saturday my youngest, Matthew, who is a junior, received his ring.  I have to post a few photos because I was so proud.  He was a cantor at the mass, is in the chorus and he had two solos.  The chapel was pact and it was often difficult to get a good photo.  My husband was trying to video tape while I was shooting and didn't even know my lens was on manual.  (shhhh, I didn't even know I had to change that)
Oh Well, here are a few photos.
This is Holy Ghost Prep.
A wonderful prep school run by the Spiritan Priests. (You can click on the photo to enlarge)
Both my sons had the opportunity to study here and we have no regrets.
 The chapel is one of the most beautiful places.  When Matt was little and Tim was there he called it Hogwarts!
 Matthew is the second from the right.

 Okay so this is where I was supposed to focus manually or put it on auto.  Instead my son is blurry singing his solo and I have perfect focus on these three young men's heads.
 Can you tell I am exhausted from my flight?  This was the next morning. I look like my makeup was sucked into my face.  Ahhhhhh!  But I have to post a photo with my baby.
 There is Rob and Matt.  He still couldn't breathe and his ears were fully clogged.
Here is Matt with Fr. Jeff our favorite Spirian priest and friend.  He is also the president of HGP.
Funny how being on a plane, up there, 35,000 miles above the ground puts things into perspective.  Up there I thought of my life and the things that stress me and worry me and how small they appear when you are consumed by fear of rapid descent and drastically plummeting at G force into the ground.  I promised if God got me home safe to be more patient as a daughter, to trust more and have faith.  I stood in that chapel seeing my son, the same child who at 4months old had a hole in his heart repaired, sing in front of the entire completely filled chapel and I felt. . . blessed.
(I will be attending Susan Taylor's (Black Eyed Susan) Christmas Unveiling at her store tomorrow night with my dearest friends and MCG Afficionadas! Lisa and KC.  I will take tons of photos.   Can't wait! So be sure to check in sometime on Friday for my post.  I'm sure there will be alot to get excited about.)

This was one of the songs the boys did as people were arriving.  I was able to video tape it because I had no big heads in front of me yet.  The students hadn't processed inside.  Hope you enjoy it.  I can't listen to it without crying.
(Trying to upload video)  Having technical difficulties.


BB said...

What a wonderful and proud day with your son! The photos do remind me of a Hogwarts enviroment.Beautiful setting.

I can not wait to see your photos from Black Eyed Susan's open house! Be sure to take plenty!


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