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So in the last post I suggested that if anyone wanted to send me photos of their favorite Christmas decorated rooms I would do a post on them and to my surprise I received two responses.
The holidays are always so exciting for me.  I love looking at how others decorate their homes for Christmas.  I think decor is personal and it will always be a reflection of the person.   I received 2 emails from two blogging friends.  I was so excited to post them.  Thank you so much for sending these photos, it's so great to share.  Both of my guest posts are fans of Mary Carol Garrity.
The first one comes from one sweet lady who goes by the name Jaybird.
Jaybird says: "My favorite Christmas picture of our dining room.  Starting at the right, the trunk on the floor belonged to my husband's cousin who passed away in 1913!!  I use it to store tablecloths.  Sweet husband built a frame that fits the top of it to display my Christmas village....at child height....the grands and great grands love it!! The hutch, bonnettopped cabinet on the left and the wooden santa and sleigh on  the top right shelf were all crafted by my Dad who was a master woodworker.  On Christmas week, a tree will displace the small round table in the "L" of the wrought iron railing."

Thank you Jaybird.  I have always adored Christmas villages.  I would spend hours as a young girl staring inside of them and watching the little villages sparkle in the store windows.  Your home looks so warm and inviting.  I can tell that you love Christmas as much as I do.   Thank you for sharing.  

My second post comes from Topeka Kansas, his name is Ramon and he also attended Mary Carol Garrity's House tour.  Originally from San Diego, he loves Christmas and loves decor.  It is obvious in his photos that he is extremely talented and should probably have his own home on a Christmas House Tour. 

 First of all I love the front of his home.  Look at the entrance with the elaborate branches illuminated in white.  Dramatic and beautiful.  I love it.  I'm sure anyone walking by must stop to admire it.
 I love the chandelier with the greens and twigs and ornaments.  Mary Carol always does that with her light fixtures.  The back brick wall is stunning behind the server and matching lamps.
Below is another view of the garland around the doorway.  I love how he positioned the ribbon in it.  Take a closer look below.

And last but not least, Ramon's tree. He said that " one of the details on the tree, which took 10 lbs of concrete, 45 of sand, 535 gold ornaments, 25 yards of ribbon, 9 ponceitias and 15 hours of work."  

This tree is truly stunning.  Love it.  It reminds me of Frontgate Magazine and the trees that the designers create for the magazine.  I am so impressed.  I actually went back and worked on my tree a little more after looking at these photos.  
Thank you Ladybird and Ramon for letting us peek into your lovely decorated rooms.  It puts us in the Christmas spirit. Enjoy decorating!
By the way Mary Carol's last post was wonderful to use as a checklist for decorating your home for the holidays.  Make sure you read it.  Thanks again.


frances said...

very nice can't wait for Christmas

BB said...

Beautiful! Ramon's tree is extraordinary!

Thoughts for the day said...

Amazing photo's. How fun. We have not decorated yet but will very soon and we always use a fake tree now since we live in Oregon and most of the time the trees are wet and full of mold I have spent many years very sick at Christmas time. The last four years I have been fine and able to enjoy the season.
Love your picture on the header it is very beautiful.

Jaybird said...

Oh my goodness!!!! I think my dining room has taken on an extra sparkle by being posted on your lovely blog!!!!
Thank you and blessings to you,

BB said...

Lisa, Great new banner! Love it.

Heather Cameron said...

wow, I better get crackin on the decor around here!

Windlost said...

Beautiful homes!! I owe you an email after your sweet note but wanted time to write a proper reply so I will email you soon. xo Terri

Jeane M. said...

All decors makes me feel excited for this season and cozy. Love the rug at the 4th picture. :D Got my eye on your next posts.

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