Kansas Trip, Part Deux. (Please View Part 1 First, Below This Post)

 Okay so we rushed into our car from Mary Carol's to drive back the 40 miles to go to Briarcliff store.  It was now around 12:45 had 40 miles to drive and had to be at the airport by 2:30 which was 12 miles from the store.  And what do we see before us?  A Long cargo train.  Yikes!
 Can you see it?  This thing was long.  He was going about 5miles an hour and my knee is shaking looking at the clock and at my husband thinking "we are never gonna make it huh?"  We didn't even have time to go to Mary's 2 stores in Atchison.  When it was said and done, back and forth we traveled around 2000 miles by plane for a few hours of racing.  But you know what????????  It was worth it!  Hee Hee. Hey it's my 24th anniversary come on!
 The train finally ended after 15 minutes.
 Can you help me out here?  Cue the Angels and harps!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
 The Mecca (spell check on Mecca) of all design gurus and Nell Hill afficionados, or shall I say afficionadas?
When I walked in, I was speechless.  There comes a moment when, and don't get me wrong when I say this, when your almost moved to tears at the beauty of it all.  You know when you here a piece of classical music, anything Vivaldi works for me.  And you listen and there is a moment when you have to hold your breath so that you don't sob?  Briarcliff, aha!
 I know it's materialistic, they are things, decor for the home.  I know in life we don't need things, and I'm thankful for the blessings God has given my life.  But these things to adorn ones home, to create a sanctuary in our most intimate spaces are truly stunning.
 I walked into the store and sweet Janet, who helps Mary Carol with her e-mail and the store was there to greet me.  She saw me with my camera and smiled and we recognized one another from my last adventure to sweet Kansas City and Kansas.  She immediately asked me if I was Lisa.  Now how fun was that.  I feel like a celebrity.  (Okay a celebrity who only is recognized by one person but that's alright.)
 Can you say double decker?

 Hold on!  This is where I passed out after seeing this couch.  Holy Cow the most beautiful couch I have ever seen in my entire life.  That is my living room color too. Tufting and Velvet two of my most favorite things on the planet.  Love it! Adore it!  "Hey Rob!!!!"

 I love this table!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  "Rob!  Where are you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????"
 The colors on these walls, the hues, combinations, vibrant colors are spectacular.

 I adored this corner, the color, the table, lamp, art work.  Everything!
 I love these sheep!  Look Shannon and Susan!  We love Sheep.

 I wanted to take this chair (above) with me and just throw it in the rental car and then carry it on my back on the plane.  Do you think it would have fit over the over head compartment?  Is it not the most exquisite chair?  The color texture, velvet tufting!  Smelling salts please!
 When I saw these I almost lost conscience. (spell check, I always spell that word wrong)

 Lisa and KC look at this urn above!  We have to do this!  Incredible!

 I love all her silver entertaining accessories.  Love them!  (whisper) "Oh Rob."

 Look at this centerpiece.  Ta da!  I know Susan has something like this waiting for us on Thursday I saw it on her blog (Black Eyed Susan) check it out on my blog roll.
 Loved that "Hunt" Painting in the background.  If I already didn't have the hunting dogs in my study I would have bought that for it.

 I loved this bed.  Upstairs is all bedding and fabrics and pillows and accessories.

 You can't really see how enormous this place is until you are there.  Truly magical.

Well I hope you enjoyed my posts about my trip.  I am so thankful to my husband for taking me and to Mary Carol for opening her home to so many and giving us so many wonderful ideas and images to make our everydays more beautiful.  Thank you Kansas City Missouri, Thank you sweet Atchison Kansas and thank you to my two pilots for not being intoxicated while flying.  We had gusty winds last night and had a female pilot.  She was incredible.
Peace and Love my sweet blogging friends.  May these photos inspire you and allow you to make your homes as magical as the photos were.  And thank you for the comments.  I am truly grateful!


BB said...

Ha! I know EXACTLY how you feel when you see something so beautiful that it almost brings tears. I get that same feeling, but when something is so beautiful, it also makes my stomach ache!

Our son lives minutes away from the Briarcliff store, and I have visited it often in the last year since I discovered Nell Hill's.

Mary Carol has been in the Briarcliff store each time I was there except on the day of her fall 2012 open house. Even then, I would not have been surprised to see her there. I don't know how she does it!

I'll be visiting my son soon, and I think I'll have to make a trip to the Briarcliff store to see the holiday decor.


Blondie's Journal said...

This is definitely on my bucket list thanks to your posts! The pictures are just gorgeous, I can see why so many get inspiration from Mary Carol.

I'm so happy you spent the day doing exactly what you wanted! And thanks for taking us along!


24 Corners said...

Beauty, whether created artistically or by the hand of God, has caused many a tear and many a lump in my throat. It's a gift to be able to see and appreciate it at such a level I believe...and very good for the soul!
xo J~

Windlost said...

A wonderful tour and wish I were there with you!! :)

What did you buy??

xo Terri

Karla said...

Thank you for posting all these wonderful picures (both part 1 & part 2)! I had to work, so I was not able to go myself. The Nell Hill's & Garrity (spell check) stores are always jam-packed with customers on her open house days, so you were wise to go to the Kansas City store that day. I work just minuts from the Briar Cliff store, so I often go there on my lunch break to clear my head!

Shady Lady! said...

You are the funniest thing ever to read! I would totally have been there holding your hand crying and passing out on the velvet. I think its hilarious that someone else is like this too!

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