My Lanterns Are Ready

So I know I said I wasn't going to post until I have the house decorated but I made these today and needed to show them so that you can get ideas and do something like them too.
I love sharing ideas.
So the lanterns Rob bought for me from Nell Hill, I decided to change them for Christmas today, just to see how they looked.  I love it.  I used the thick ribbon I bought when I was in Kansas, some greens, put moss on the bottom with my battery operated candles and I used two little cherubs I bought today at Homegoods.  I still have the chubby one I bought from the nursery with a third one that I bought today that I'm saving for after Thanksgiving to do my other porch lanterns.
I wanted to show you how they came out.  I was very happy.
(I sorted through all my greens and trees and they are all out in my basement and now I can relax and concentrate on Thanksgiving knowing I am ready for Black Friday.

Above are the little cherubs I bought from Homegoods.  12.99

 I adore this ribbon I got at Nell Hills.  It's so thick and I love the texture.  I believe you can buy them on line or just call the Briarcliff store.  (816) 746-4320  I believe the roll was 19.00 and it's huge, I used a good amount on each and still have on the roll.  You can email the girls my picture too.  I 've done that so many times.  I call the store and say I saw this can I email it to you and they are so kind and gracious and immediately say "sure dear" and they give you the store's email.  You can also buy these lanterns on the online store, they have three sizes.

I've realized that this Christmas I want to focus on the natural, back to nature, more pinecones, berries and lovely greens that I got at Black Eyed Susan's this week and less of gold leaves and gold balls and gold gold gold and silver silver silver. 
Well at least that's what I'm saying tonight, tomorrow might be another idea.  Hee Hee.
Okay, now I need to concentrate on Thanksgiving and my menu.
Have a blessed Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...


Lee said...

Wooops! Thank you Anonymous! Lanterns. Forgot the n.

frances said...

I love lanterns...I have about...oh I can't tell lets just say ...a lot.
And I just bought two more yesterday at Ikea but in my defence they are for outdoors at christmas...and some other stuff too. Anyway loved seeing what you did with yours they look awesome Cheers Frances

Acquired Objects said...

Hi there Lisa! Thanks for stopping by my blog so I could come over to see yours. Love your lanterns and I've been having fun seeing your beautiful home along the sidebar so I'm off to look closer.

Enjoy your week and have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with your family!

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