New Light

So remember when I told you about Susan's tag sale a week or so before I went to Kansas?  Susan Taylor from Black Eyed Susan is doing her entire house over and she opened her home to her clients and friends and family to come and have first pick at many of her treasures.  I posted about it a few posts back.  Well I fell in love with one of her light fixtures.  Let me refrase that, all of her light fixtures.
Let me refrase that again, all of her things.  Hee Hee.  Well anywho, the lovely crystal light fixture was too long for my tiny foyer with low ceilings.  As much as I measured there was no way it was going to fit.  Well then, of course because I had it in my head already, everytime I passed my foyer, which is about 100 times a day, I kept looking up and thinking "I want a new fixture."  I didn't need one, but my foyers light fixture was small and I thought if I had something a bit more fancier it might make the foyer appear to be more than it actually was.  So a few weeks later Susan text me to tell me she had a lovely vintage light fixture that might work for me in her bathroom but she would need some time to plan what she was going to swap for it.  I was thrilled when she sent me the photo to my phone.  I loved it the minute I saw it.  It also reminded me of my chandelier in my dinning room that also came from Susan.  So I waited, texted, waited, emailed her.  "So did you get something yet?  Did you get something yet?"  Poor Susan, she must have been wanting to rip it out of the ceiling just so I could stop texting her.
Well the electritians came on my birthday and it took them literally 10 minutes.  I love it! Love it! Love it!  (I like to say Love it in 3's.)  I'm ordering new wires for the crystals in gold in a great website I found.  If anyone has an old chandelier and needs parts, crystals etc. this is awesome.  Antique Lamp Supply.  I love how the light shines and sparkles on my ceiling.  Thank you Susan.  Also a quick tip, so the top of the light fixture had the wires exposed.  There were 2 cream colored and one green.  I went and bought gold duck tape from my craft store and taped them together.  I thought it was a great solution.


Blondie's Journal said...

Love it! I can't imagine selling everything in my home to start over...Susan has courage!


Windlost said...

How beautiful! And happy birthday dear one.

xo Terri

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