A Country Winter/Christmas Centerpiece

I love mason jars and the look of the candle inside of them.  The photo on my sidebar from Pottery barn was one of my favorites.  I needed a centerpiece for my kitchen farmhouse table and I wanted it to go with the rest of my Christmas Decor.  When I visited Mary Carol's home in Kansas and her store, Nell Hill, everything was a tribute to nature.  My friend's Susan had the theme throughout her store Black Eyed Susan as well.  So I decided to make something using the same theme.

 I have an oval gold mirror that I used for the base.  I used a small sweet wreath form Black Eyed Susan's and used some lovely picks from The Nest.  I then took as many pinecones as I could find.  Some are from my backyard and some were from a little bag I purchased a year ago.
 I used 3 different small cake plates to give height to my mason jars.  The glittery acorns I absolutely love.  I bought them at Black Eyed Susan's.
 The thin gingham ribbon is by Carolyne Roehm.  I bought some ribbon from her when I visited Weatherstone a few years back.  But I know that craft stores carry a variety of gingham ribbons in all sizes and shapes.

 This precious little vintage tag came from a little tin container from Barnes &Noble that contains vintage bird christmas tags and cards.  Love it.  I have framed a few of them and have them hanging on doors in my home.  The red faux cranberries are from Black Eyed Susan's as well.  The little candles are the battery operated ones.  I bought a set of three that were different heights.
I love this look.  It's glittery, and wintery and says Christmas while continuing with the nature theme.
I hope you'll try it for your table.  Happy Decorating!  And if you haven't already check out Mary Carol's latest blog.  She provides so many wonderful ideas.


BB said...

I LOVE this arrangement! I could just scoop it up and put it on my kitchen table. I may be a copy cat on this one:-)

Lee said...

No BB don't feel that way, that's why I describe it so others can do it. It's fun to share fun ideas. I hope you do it k.

Keeping it Cozy said...

Your centerpiece is beautiful. I love mason jars too and often incorporate them into my decor!

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