A Love For Boxwood

I think my favorite garlands & greens are from Boxwood.
My favorite wreaths are square boxwoods.  Simple or with just a simple ribbon are truly my favorite.

I love it against white or red.  For me it just says the Christmas season.  Now this year for some reason more than any other year the selection of faux boxwood has been incredible.  So perfectly shaped and designed that honestly, from far, it looks just like the real thing.  I would love to fill my home with real boxwood but the truth is with my fireplace on or the heat, they would not last a day.  So faux will have to do.  Here are a few photos of the little touches of Boxwood in my home for Christmas.
Here is my lovely Victoria sculpture.  I wanted to adorn her with a small boxwood wreath around her neck. Why shouldn't she feel festive too?

 I placed this lovely square boxwood wreath on our study door.  It is my favorite.
 A boxwood ball sits perfectly on a silver urn.
 I have two matching urns in our study with some more boxwood balls.
 This small one sits on my foyer table. (Ribbon looks too stiff, gotta fix that.)
 I have one small shelf in my family room.  I chose this sweet silver frame to showcase the round boxwood wreath and my two little boxwood matching topiaries.
This is my side outside door.  It is painted sherwin williams "Tricorn Black"  Which I love.  My friend Susan from BES recommended it and I've never wanted anything else.  I bought a lovely wreath black iron holder from her as well.  Too bad I decided to take the photo at night.  But you get the idea.

These last two little wreath ideas are not boxwood but I loved how they looked and didn't want to leave them out.
Here is my outside statue that I brought inside after visiting Mary Carol's home in November.  Absolutely love her inside and love the wreath around her neck.  Almost want to leave it all year round.  

And lastly, my little juniper berry wreath.  I placed it simply on my doorknob in my dining room.  
No ribbon, no balls or glitter, just the wreath.  Love it.  
My party is in two days.  I finally think my home is ready thanks to the finishing touches of faux boxwood and other wreaths.  
For a finished look put greens in small unexpected places.  Inside cabinets with dishes, doorknobs, inside frames, on shelves.  Have fun with it.  You will be happy with the result.  


Windlost said...

Hi Lisa, I agree - boxwood is my favorite. Sadly we cannot even BUY it here!! Only fake...!

xo Terri

Nella said...

Hi Lee, lovin' all the green, my favourite neutral ....your boxwood touches look beautiful...your party will be lovely.

Heather said...

I love that juniper wreath! I found some nice juniper picks this year, but I'd love to have an entire wreath.

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